2014 Chan : DRC named 23-man squad for the tournament

2014 Chan : DRC named 23-man squad for the tournament

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Muntubile Santos, the DRC Leopards coach, has unveiled 23-man squad  for 2014 Chan 2014 which will be played from January 11 to February 1 in Africa of Sud.
Tresor Mputu ,TP Mazembe’s Tresor Mputu  is not called up. The DRC is  in Group C with Gabon, Mauritania and Burundi.

DRC will travel to South Africa and try to win their second   Chan.

DR Congo 23-man squad

  1. Robert Kidiaba Muteba (TP Mazembe)
  2. Hervé Lomboto (V club).
  3. Freddy Kaninda Tshini (Dragons)
  4. Eric Nkulukuta Miala (TP Mazembe)
  5. Hervé Ndonga Mianga (TP Mazembe)
  6. Jean Kasusula Kilitsho (TP Mazembe)
  7. Patou Ebunga Simbi (V club)
  8. Bodrick Ungenda Muselenge (DCMP)
  9. Joël Kimwaki Mpela (TP Mazembe)
  10. Thierry Kasereka (V club)
  11. Eric Kabulu (Don Bosco)
  12. Yannick Bangala Litombo (DCMP)
  13. Patrick Ilongo Ngasanya (TP Mazembe)
  14. Chikito Lema Mabidi (V club)
  15. Alain Mukoko Mayayi (DCMP)
  16. Guy Lusadisu Basisila (V club)
  17. Firmin Mubele Ndombe (V club)
  18. Héritier Luvumbu Nzinga (V club)
  19. Reagan Mpembele Mukanisa (Don Bosco)
  20. Cedrick Mbidi Mavuanga (DCMP)
  21. Eddy Ngoyi Emomo (Shark XI)
  22. Jean Marc Makusu Mundele (New Bel’or)
  23. Joseph Mavuba Nlandu (Dragons)

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