3 Reasons Why Learning Martial Arts At A Young Age Is Advantageous

3 Reasons Why Learning Martial Arts At A Young Age Is Advantageous

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As with anything, the more practice and training the better. This is also true for sports and martial arts. There are many advantages to learning something in one’s youth. There are also health benefits for children who are active in sports, such as martial arts. People who become good at many sports often times have had many years of training and practice. Consider for a moment figure ice skaters or gymnasts. Those who have perfected these talents have, most of the time, begun their training and practice at a very young age. That’s not to say that starting later in life can’t make a champion come to life; many martial arts champions have, in fact done so. However, the earlier someone starts learning martial arts, the better the odds are that the skills they learned in those early years will be like second nature. Thus, learning martial arts at a younger age is preferred. Children may even have an advantage.

Children should have a way to protect themselves in the event that they are in a compromising position, which is why learning and mastering martial arts can really boost self-esteem. Consider the following:

1. Keeps Children’s Brains Healthy

Physical activity is healthy for a child’s development. Children who take part in regular physical activity positively support their social and emotional development. Physical activity is not only good for burning calories and burning off energy, it also enhances cognitive development in young children.  Children are also defining their motor skills when they are using specific parts of their body, as they do in particular sports as martial arts, golf, and swimming. A child is not just learning a new skill; they are also building character and contributing to a safer community. Keeping children active lowers the child’s odds of delinquency and other undesirable behaviors. Martial arts provide a healthy outlet for children to release their energy, improve their skills, and improve their brain function.

2. Self-Defense

Children are not nearly as strong as an adult. But a child who has learned some basic martial arts skills can, in many cases, take on an adult in a situation where they may be overpowered. With a few years of consistent practice, a child can have basic self-defense skills they need should they be faced with a bully situation or a “stranger danger” situation. This is a good piece of mind tool for a child and a parent to have. Martial arts gives children the tools they need to protect themselves in their most vulnerable years.

3. Boost Self-Esteem

Children need self-esteem as they continue to grow and develop. Every child wants to know that they are really good at something. Being encouraged to stick with something is very positive as well. Starting young with martial arts is good, because as a child continues to practice and refine their skills, they are building their self-confidence and self-esteem. Working hard to become the best and compete is also very healthy for a child and their self-esteem.

My name is Allen and I write about martial arts and the benefits of karate lessons for kids, including self-development and self-defense skills.

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