5 Amazing Things About Cycling In Autumn

5 Amazing Things About Cycling In Autumn

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Autumn is a beautiful time of year where the trees change colors and the weather begins to cool. This is one of the best times to get out there and ride. The trails and paths have less traffic and offer more time to experience the ride by yourself.

The day starts later and the night comes faster, but the beauty is in the nature that surrounds you. The trees filled with orange and red leaves, the bushes that have turned yellow, and the new fruits and flowers blooming in the wild. There are so many benefits to cycling in autumn.

1.    The Beautiful And Bountiful Nature

Nature at this time is beautiful and surreal. The trees turn colors that remind you of the autumn season. Beautiful reds, golds, and oranges all fill the trees, and what doesn’t are left crinkling under your tires.

The flowers, fruits, and vegetation all change during this time. You can find all kinds of new wild berries, new flowers to stop and smell, and enjoy the scenery of the animals scrounging for food left behind.

While biking on any path or trails, you’ll find yourself more immersed in the beauty that surrounds you. You will lose yourself to nature and find yourself and you passion for riding all over again.

2.    Less Congestion

This is the season that kids have gone back to school, the weather is cooler, and less people are out on the trails. This is the time where you can get out there early, bike on your favorite trail, and experience the wonderful feeling of cycling without too many people around you.

Take to the places you may have left behind in the previous seasons due to heavy traffic. During the autumn months, there are far less people than other seasons. With cooling weather, people tend to stay inside and avoid the cold mornings. This allows for clearer trails with less traffic all for you to enjoy.

3.    Building Your Body

With the autumn season comes nice, beautiful, cool weather that allows you to spend more time in it. By pushing yourself to bike longer and on more difficult trails, you’ll not only increase your endurance and strength, but also your skill level.

The cool weather allows you to go longer distances without being taken down by the hot sun, the cold snow, or the wet spring. The weather is perfect for pushing yourself and building up your body to a higher tolerance level.

You will be able to build your skill level for more difficult terrain, trails, paths, and bike tours. This will increase your cycling experience and make it even more enjoyable for you to participate in and continue the healthy activity.

Cycling is also great for your heart, skin, mind, and mental health. Make sure to invest in cycling for the long run to make the most out of your experience and to live a long and healthy life. Cycling is also a great way to help you sleep better and ease your mind if you’re stressed.

4.    Night Riding

With the night coming sooner in autumn and the weather being cooler, you can enjoy beautiful nighttime rides. Less people, less congestion, less traffic, and less noise happens at night so you can take full advantage of night riding in your favorite locations.

Strap on a reflective belt or jacket and ride off on your favorite ride through the city, park, trail, or pathway. The possibilities of where you go are endless. Make sure to check your reflectors and your gear to ensure proper working condition.

Night riding is a great time to see the city skylines, experience new wildlife, and find new places to visit during the night or daytime. In the night, the air is fresh and crisp due to the lack of vehicles, and most of the sounds you hear is the nocturnal wildlife awakening.

5.    The New Gear

In autumn, tons of new gear becomes available for the season. You have a wide variety of long-sleeved shirts, light and heavy jackets, weatherproof shoes, and biking pants. These will all be in a variety of colors, sizes, and by a number of different brands.

Invest in a new biking outfit, or two, and a helmet. Make a statement and take autumn by storm. Get a new seat, new socks, and even new gloves. During autumn, a lot of new merchandise becomes available for you and for your bike.

The gear can be clothing and accessories, for you and your bike. That is new GPS systems, mudguards for those autumnal rainy days, and new grips for your handlebars. Maybe this is the season you want to invest in an e-machine to change your bike to electric, or maybe you want to get brake lights for your bike.

During autumn, lots of different products become available, trend, and become popularized quickly. Make sure to get what you are after quickly, or they could be gone relatively fast.

About me:

I’m Denise and I’m a mountain biker who enjoys cross-country biking all around the world. I worked as a trainer for 6 years before becoming a co-founder of a private biking lessons school to teach people how to properly train and ride bikes to prepare them for cross-country and any activities they want to indulge in. I’m also a co-founder of MountainBikeEZ.

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