5 day workout routine for weight loss and muscle gain
5 Day Workout Routine for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

5 Day Workout Routine for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

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It can be very hard to lose weight at the same time gain fat. This is giving a lot of challenges to those people who exercise with the same aim. For you to gain muscle, you must ensure you are eating muscle building food substances. Most of the strengthening exercises like weight lifting and stretch are the basic requirements for muscle building. 5 day workouts involve splitting the body-parts and allocating time for each specific part. Therefore, five days in a week must be devoted for exercise. Below is an outline 5 day workout routine;

Day one

The exercise is divided into 4 pairs which include; dumbbell press and pull-ups, leg raise and back extension, dumbbell laterals and shoulder press, and skull crushers and standing dumbbell. Dumbbell exercise is a form of weight lifting exercise that can be done by one person or two people at the same time. Perform the paired weight loss exercises one a time until you are done with all of the before resting for 1 minute. Make sure you repeat each pair of exercise at least three times before proceeding to the next pair. Each exercise among the pairs should be done at intervals of only one minute. To make the exercises effective, cardio must be included. After finishing the pair exercises, do a warm up for about two minutes and sprint with about 90% of your total effort as you decrease the effort as you end. Cool down until breathing stabilizes after each cardio. Repeat the alternating high effort and low effort exercise for about 6 times.

Day two

Just like day one, exercise is split into pairs. They include; abduction and adduction, leg press and walking, ball crunches and plank holds, and leg extension and curls. Repeat the procedure elaborated in day one above. Make sure you perform the exercises as required. The only difference between this and day one exercise is that machine is used in each place. A machine is used in any of the exercises as long as it is applicable. Cardio for this stage is less intense. Sprint using 80% effort then reduce the effort to about 5%. Repeat the cardio three times before ending your workout day. The effort and the number of times cardio is repeated decrease as the day progress.

Day three

During this day, exercise is done independently without any grouping. The set of exercises to be performed this day are; sitting with much emphasis on the shoulder blade, the twists famously known as Russian twists, incline press with the help of a machine, pushups, squatting while holding me balls and pull downs with much attention on the shoulders. Perform these exercises sequentially at intervals of 2 minutes and repeat each one of them 5 times before proceeding to the next. Perform the cardio described in day 2 using your full effort. Do the cardio 5 times then take one minute rest. Repeat the five times intervals 10 times before you conclude the exercise.

Day four

During this date, what was done during day one is repeated with a bit more effort. According to Walter Eddie (1997), the muscle has to be trained in order to generate the required effort. It is only through gradually increasing the force used in exercise that our muscles are trained. Ensure the cardio effort decreases is the previous was full effort. The effort should be alternated in a fluctuating manner for its effectiveness.

Day five

Repeat what was done in day two and obviously following Walter’s recommendation of increasing the exercise effort to train the muscle. Cardio effort will be determined by the previous cardio. If it was above 80% it should drop to 80%. However, if it was at 80% full effort should be used.

You must have realized that one of the day’s exercises is not repeated. This will be upon you to choose which one to leave out next so that all the exercises get equal time share. Organize them in such a way that no exercise is left out. According to head of research for the muscle dynamics, Frank Schnorrer, mechanical tension is a great stimulant of muscle growth. Therefore, muscle gain through exercise is real and shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Muscles are the major sources of strength in our bodies. Weak muscles imply general body weakness hence, ways of strengthening must be considered. The above 5 day routine is basically what you need to make your muscles stronger. Food is also necessary for the effectiveness of these exercises. It may be straining the first time but the moment you start seeing the results, you will be motivated. The steps mentioned and the kind of exercises should be followed religiously for the best results.




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