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5 Golf Apps You Should Be Using

5 Golf Apps You Should Be Using

David Wilkinson . Posted in Tips & Tricks 1 Comment

It was only a matter of time before there was an essential app for golfers. With that in mind I have compiled a list of 5 critically acclaimed apps that are revolutionising the golf industry. These apps can be used by all levels of players and are easy to use and also fun.

GPS & Scorecard App from Swing by Swing

GPS & Scorecard app from Swing by Swing is available for both iSO and Android devices. This app has many great features and is accurate, reliable and best of all free.

Its key features are its ability to provide accurate distance information, provide satellite photos of the very hole you are playing and also provide wind speed information. Its digital scorecard has putt tracking for every single course in the world as well as charts and graphs to show how your game has improved over time.

The Rules of Golf

Ever found yourself confused midway through a course or making a “faux pas” at a corporate golf event then this app is for you. The Rules of Golf provide the rules from golf’s official governing body and follow an easy question and answer formula. This makes them simple to remember and quick to understand.

Some other features of the apps include “Quick Guide” which features the most frequently occurring rules for easy reference. There is also a guide to golf etiquette which can be essential when playing somebody with more experience.

Nike Golf 360

With over 225,000 downloads and a spot on iTunes essential sports apps of 2013 Nikes Golf app is designed to be a one stop shop for golfers of every level.

Only available on iSO this app provides golfers with the ability to track their score, driving accuracy and average putts per round. It also has a neat “trophies” feature to keep you motivated and constantly improve your game.

There’s also a social aspect to this app, with the ability to upload videos of your best golf swings and compare them with other users and even Nike Golf athletes. There are also hints and tips from pros which are always up to date.

Pins iPing

If you own a Ping cradle the iPing putter app is available for free on Google Play. The app analyses a user’s impact angle, stroke type and tempo. The app holds all this data and then provides an accurate putting handicap which improves with the player.

The Ping cradle retails at £22.99 and holds your mobile device firmly. It can also be adjusted to suit both iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could match the world’s greatest golfer swing for swing? Well with this app you can by simply uploading a video of your best swing. It even allows for side by side swing comparison and gives tips from Tiger Woods himself.

While you might think this app is a little steep at £2.99, its worth knowing that the proceeds go to the Tiger Woods Foundation College-Access Program. This unique charity gives youths from tough backgrounds the opportunity to further their education and improve their job prospects. This app can take hours off your life so its the perfect companion to a golf break or a long holiday.

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David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson is a freelance writer based in South Wales. His hobbies include playing golf and spending time with his family.


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    Luckily our weather is still pretty nice and we played golf today. I’m still doing all those great exercises and they’ve helped a lot. I’ve been working on a better follow through, so I’m not hitting it to the right so much. The exercises have helped me with turning all the way through. If you are golf player look in to the website for good tips



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