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5 rules to help your child secure an Athletic Scholarship

5 rules to help your child secure an Athletic Scholarship

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All the efforts and hard work of the child culminates on the result of the recruitment process. Often the most testing phase in the life of a student-athlete, the process is a tough challenge in itself for parents too- a sheer test of patience endurance and discipline all wrapped into one. The process in itself in nothing less than an exhilarating experience to the parties involved yet comes with anxiety-plagued package.

Parents’ role is one of the importunate ones in shaping the future of the child, be it athletic ambitions. The primary challenge which the parents face is to walk a fine line between guiding the athlete through the process and becoming overbearing.

Here are some unsaid rules for the parents to help their child foray into the world of his/ her athletic ambitions successfully:

#Rule 1: Don’t be an overbearing Parent!

The coach wants to see the child’s talent and not the helicopter parents who at times restrict the growth of child.

Well the rule in universal and applies to every age group. It has been seen that the coaches are impressed by the students who make the move and initiate the conversations. This does not mean that parents should not help the child when they need them, but it is their responsibility too to help the child come out of such reservations and gain confidence. In a parent-athlete relationship. The student should always be the captain of the team.

#Rule 2: Inculcate Humility!

There have been chances that the young athletes- especially the talented ones become less motivated and sometimes develop attitude problems.

Quality parenting can pitch in to save a child from such situations. Parents are primarily responsible for their children’s attitude. Children who strut into class thinking they will sail by because they are student-athletes will learn a lesson later in life. Parents who teach their children early to work hard will save their children from years of suffering while in college and later during their careers.

#Rule 3: Become a mentor and even assistant!

Don’t just restrict yourself being a cheerleader who rejoice on the victories.

A parent need to be a counselor and even assistant to the child at times. A child doesn’t need only approval from the parent but a great deal of encouragement which sometimes motivates them to achieve what may seem impossible to others.

#Rule 4: Set out a Plan!

Well the early bird gets the worm.

The process is daunting at times, keeping you at your toes. But those who wait too long eventually miss too many opportunities which can prove fatal for their career.

Parents should set an example and at times also guide the child in setting SMART goals and plan accordingly. Have a plan ready for your child for easy progression in to the world of professional sports. Make them understand the importance of academic performance in gaining their foothold. This can prove to be road map for their success in future.

#Rule 5: Be realistic!

If your child is not a dreamer, chances are he/ she would not make it.

The fact is that every athlete is a dreamer. To realize, one should have a dream. But it is the responsibility of the parents to always teach the child the difference between the two and motivate at the same time to reach the next level. Parents should always encourage realistic evaluation from the coaches and direct the child towards setting realistic goals for future.

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