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Currently, the world of fitness is encouraging more use of exercise for healthy living. Working out is a healthy lifestyle practice. More people are subscribing to gym services. The most unfortunate thing, however, is that there is overrating in the use of some of these exercises.  Some overrated exercises, for example, are replaceable with better and more beneficial workouts and exercises.

Sit Ups and Crunches

The two hit just a small part or portion of the core, the abdomen, and the rectum. What this means is that the exercises or workouts only help the two parts. They leave out all the other parts including the lower back.  The exercises are for people who are majorly losing weight on the tummy. The Diet and weight loss reviews recommend them for use in tummy weight loss. However, some people may stick to the exercise for days, and they hope to reap more benefits. This is however not the case. The regular use of the exercises or workouts leads to the imbalance of the muscles especially your core.  Later, the workouts can result in pains in the back. For this reason, the exercises are not recommendable to patients of arthritis condition.  In addition to causing the imbalance, the two strain the neck a lot.  There may be more problems occurring from the use of the two workouts due to stressing of the spine. Instead of stressing much on these two, you can go for other core exercises including plank variations. They work for the abdomen, rectum and also the lower back.

Most Machine Exercises

The trend is the gym exercises. Subscribing for the gym or paying for it is on the increase. Most people want to use the machines in these places. They do not want to have exercises outside. They think that the machines are the best in weight loss.  The increasing number and types of machines in the gym has led to the encouragement of the people to use the services.  However, there are issues that come about while using and after using machines. First, the machines only isolate your muscles. They cause muscle imbalances.  They can have effects of having issues while lifting weights. Second, they have detrimental effects on the posture. They involve movements that are not natural.  Instead, use free weight exercises instead of the machines.  They will give you good or better results compared to the machine exercises.  Diet and weight loss news recommend this too.

Beginner Variation When they Become Easy

The workouts are overrated as they seem too easy and simple for everyone. Most people are afraid to take exercises that are more beneficial. They want to do what seems easy for them while it helps little. Instead, it is essential to have advanced and immediate variations. Do not fear to go for new or more advanced moves while working out.  Use plank variations, squad variations, push ups variations and lunge variations. Try them even if it may mean adding more weight.

High Rep Exercises for Abs

Spot reduction does not work as most people think.  Pumping or using many sit ups daily or even crunches for the abdomen does not work that well. Most people use them to have better and sexy abs.  They strain the neck, the spine, and the abdomen. The effects may be pains in the spine and the neck. The workouts leave the back unexercised. Therefore, they can never be used in isolation.  Diet and weight loss can go hand in hand when incorporated with the right exercises. Instead of stressing too much on these abs exercises that stress the abdomen, ensure you eat right. Also, do high-intensity cardio exercises together with resistant training workouts. These work better.

Bench Press

For years, the bench press has been in use by mostly the men only. However, the women are increasingly using the workouts in the gym. The workouts are however overrated. Unfortunately, the exercise leads to injuries in some body parts. It can cause injuries on the shoulders and the wrist. The exercise is also risky.  Instead of stressing too much on these risky workouts, try taking push-ups.  Also, remember the essence of correct diet and weight loss.

Abduction and Abduction Machines

As mentioned, most people overrate machine exercises and workouts.  However, the overrating of these particular machines needs clear and special attention. They need your eye contact all the time.  They also do not work for thigh toning as most people think. Instead, it is essential to go for workouts that work better. They include the lunges, step ups, dead-lifts, and squats.


Notably, most of the exercises are overrated for many reasons. Some people overdo exercises to lose weight. Others want to tone their bodies and have good posture. Whatever, the reason, it is vital to have the right exercises that can work for your goal. It is of the essence therefore to consult a specialist about what is best. Avoid the overuse of the above-overrated exercises and use what works better.


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    I am in total agreement. Where bench press is concerned, it can be done without adding any extra weight to the barbell… just as a part of routine workout… twice a week.


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