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A Buying Guide for the Essential Cricket Equipment

A Buying Guide for the Essential Cricket Equipment

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Are you a diehard cricket fan all set to hit the field with your team? Well, cricket is perhaps one of those field games that people of all ages love to watch if not play. It is also among the most popular outdoor sports. So, if you want to be a part of the game and enjoy being in the field, the first things you need to know about are the cricket equipment. Good quality equipment have a number of benefits for the players. They make you feel comfortable, stay protected and most importantly, strike with confidence.

These days, you can come across a number of online stores dealing in a range of sports equipment from varying brands. However, prior to venturing out to buying cricket equipment UK online, you must get informed about certain basic equipment and their significance.

Cricket Bats

Begin your process of buying cricket equipment by choosing the cricket bat first. Cricket bats come in different sizes and lengths. The choice of the bat should be strictly based on one’s personal preference and style of batting. An ideal bat is one, the handle of which fits inside your groin when you hold it in a batting position. The quality of the wood varies from G1 to G4, with G1 being the best and G2 being the recommended one for beginners. The lighter the bat, the easier it is to lift it. So, if you are not a seasoned player and do not have much experience in using cricket bats, choose a light-weight one and gradually prepare yourself for the heavier ones.

Cricket Balls

The cricket ball is often considered the most essential one among all the other cricket equipment. The quality of the ball actually has the potential to influence the course of the game. When you choose a cricket ball, make sure that it is made with leather. The gloss that so attracts bowlers should come from the quality leather itself and not artificial wax that contributes to a shiny surface only. The stitch should be hard and perfect. Even a slight defect in the stitching is not desirable.

Protective equipment

The other types of cricket equipment include the gloves and the protective gear. For both these, the idea is to make sure that the items lead to your utmost comfort. For instance, when it comes to the gloves, these should neither be too tight nor too loose on your hands. Protective gear include helmet and guard shorts. Since these are meant to protect the player from accidental injuries, it is always advisable to go for high quality branded ones.

Customized Bags and Clothes

Cricket bags and clothes, though not a part of equipment, are must haves too. If you are building up a team, then identical t-shirts and trousers with a certain logo or symbol works better in fostering the team spirit. Above all, the idea of customized cricket shirts will certainly excite the team members. Make sure these are soft and comfortable enough.

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