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golf tips Best Beginner Golf Tips To Get You Started

Best Beginner Golf Tips To Get You Started

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For someone who wants to begin playing golf you need some beginner golf tips to get you started. This game can be very challenging for first-timer. As times goes by you will get familiar with every aspect of this great game.

You will soon know what parts of the game you need to improve. But you first need to start from somewhere. If you want to know more about game rules you ca do that here.

When you first start learning you may experience some difficulties. This is because many muscles are involved when you play golf.

But that is fine. You keep practicing and you will get better. Don’t be afraid to learn and try something new.

For beginner it very important to master this basic skill:

Stance and Approach

Learn how to set up before taking a shot is very important. You need to learn this first. How to set up accordingly to your golf ball.

You need to know that there are many positions that depend on what shot you want to make. And these are:

  • short irons – put the ball in the center
  • for middle length shots little to the left
  • if you want to shot long move ball even more to the left
  • for driver shots – very close to the left foot

Also, you need to tackle proper stance. This stance looks like this. Feets are shoulder width apart. Knees are slightly bent. Upper body is leaning.

You don’t want to have the hunch back. Arms in front of the body. Don’t overextend arms.


After you learn how to set up you need to know how to grip the golf club. There are few ways to grip but you need to learn basic grip first.

The Proper grip allows you to move arms with ease. Learning this from the start will make your golf swing very good.

So, the basic grip is easy to learn. But most people tend to grab golf club like a baseball bat.

For right handed people, left arm will be on the top of the club. The right hand will be below-left hand. Thumbs of the upper hand should be pointed down. Don’t wrap thumb around the golf club.

You need to have the firm but yet gently grip around club. To have some orientations, on the scale 1-10 your grip should be 5. Something in the middle.

There are few ways to grip as we said, they are:

  • interlock grip
  • overlapping grip
  • baseball grip

Golf Swing

In golf, everything comes to this. How are you doing golf swing. It is special and integral part of every golfer. You will learn how to do it. And you will improve it in all your games.

Every golfer wants to improve his golf swing. It is very important to learn basics of the golf swing properly. It is not hard as it seems. Also you need some level of flexibility to follow through golf swing.

You need to have a proper stance as we said earlier.

From this stance you begin. With controlled manner bring your golf club in the position of the backswing. Keep your eyes on the ball. Allow your head to rotate naturally, but keep eyes on the ball.

When you start your arms should have a natural line. That means that your right arm will be straight as possible. Accelerate and hit the ball.

As you can see it is quite easy. But at the same time hard. Very hard. You will have sore muscles after just a few shots. But keep practicing.

Taking Lessons

Maybe you are gifted individual and you learn new movement very quickly. Lucky bastard. In that case, you will be fine on your own. But just in the first time.

For the majority of us taking lessons will be best invest that we can make. You don’t need much lessons. But it  will be much easier to learn when a professional coach shows you.

After all, even pro golfer have coaches. To start, ask on the course maybe they have a coach that can teach you. Maybe they have a coach that can show you basic.

Even better solution is if you have money to invest in lessons you will learn faster. But that is up to you.

In conclusion to our beginner golf tips

As you can see these tips are a beginner in the world of golf. After you learn a basic skill you will enjoy this game even more.

You will soon start watching more golf shows and games. And you will read more books about golf. That is a proper way to learn and to be a better golfer.

Don’t forget to enjoy this game with your friends.

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