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CHAN 2014 : Mauritania 23-man list

CHAN 2014 : Mauritania 23-man list

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The french coach of Mauritania national football team,,Patrice Neveu, unveiled since december 2013, 24-man squad for chan 2014 that will held in South Africa from 11 january to 1st febrary.

Mourabitounes of Muaritania are paired in group D alongside of DR Congo, Gabon and Burundi

14 january, 2014
15:00               RD Congo     –     Mauritania
18:00                        Gabon     –     Burundi
18 janury, 2014
15:00                 RD Congo     –     Gabon
18:00                 Burundi     –     Mauritania
22 january,2014
17:00                 Burundi     –     RD Congo
17:00                 Mauritania     –     Gabon

Mauritania 23-man squad for chan 2014

Goalkeepers(3) : Souleymane DIALLO (FC Tevragh-Zeïna), Babacar Harouna TOURE (ASAC Concorde), Cheikh Fall LEKHNEIVER (FC Nouadhibou)

Defenders (8) : Ibrahima Mamadou SY (FC Tevragh-Zeïna), Cheikhna VARAJOU (ASC Tidjikja), Mamadou Idrissa WADE (FC Nouadhibou), Yacoub FALL (FC Nouadhibou), Boubacar N’gollo COULIBALY (FC Tevragh-Zeïna), Abdel Aziz LÔ (ACS KSAR), Pape Moussa SACKO (ASAC Concorde), Abdoulaye NIASSE (ASAC Concorde)

Midfileders (6) : Moussa Sidi BAGAYOKO (ASAC Concorde) , Bah Mohamed YACOUB Deina (FC Tevragh-Zeïna), Abdoulaye Silèye GAYE (ACS KSAR), El Id EL HACEN Moctar (ASAC Concorde), Amar Djiby SAMB (FC Nouadhibou), Denne Mohamed TAGHYOULLAH (FC Nouadhibou)

Strickers (7) : Ely Cheikh VOULANY (FC Tevragh-Zeïna) , Abdallahi SAMBA Moussa (FC Tevragh-Zeïna), Abdel Aziz Sao (ACS Ksar), Cheikh El Khalil MOULAYE AHMED (ACS KSAR), El Kory Mohamed Vall (ASAC Concorde), Mamadou N’Diacko NIASS (ASAC Concorde), Ismael Diakité (?)

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