Diverse archery styles used by the archers

Diverse archery styles used by the archers

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There are different archery styles popular in the US market, each with own rules as well as categories, depending on the types of archery equipment you select. The following are the four styles used by the archers throughout the world.

Longbow archery:

Longbow is the traditional bow used by the archers since the ancient period. From kings, hunter men to common men, people of the primitive era used these bows mainly for hunting purposes. However in present time too, the archers used these bows. Other relevant devices such as wooden arrows along with feathers, wooden bows, bracer, shooting gloves, and quiver are normally used with the bows. Such bows are considered to be difficult to aim as well as fire since you only have to depend on rubber band for aiming the arrows. Such archery style is challenging, yet quite rewarding.


This style of archery is a type of bow with four essential parts namely sting, riser and limbs. As the name suggests, the riser is the essential part of your bow that you must hold firmly and it comprises mounts for limbs and sights. These limbs are integral parts of the bows that store the requisite energy for pulling strings back just before you discharge. Two limbs are attached to top as well as the bottom part of this riser. Also the string is a part that you usually pull back and it is also attached to tips of your limbs. Such kind of bow is considered to be a fine bow for practicing archery as it is less complicated and can be fired without any difficulty. In the Olympic competition, the archers only use this type of bow.

Compound bows:

Such type of archery with the help of compound bows is one of the latest inventions in the archery field. This type of archery was discovered in the year 1970 and within a decade it experienced tremendous growth in total number of archers using this kind of bow. Indeed, this type of bow is meant for bringing maximum accuracy. On end of these limbs, the cams or rotating slides help an archer by reducing the total holding weight while reaching the complete draw position. It enhances the abilities of the archers to hold it steady. Once the mechanical trigger called release aid is mainly used to let the bow go out of the string, the telescopic sights are allowed.


Instead of limbs being held in the vertical position, the crossbows are mounted in horizontal position on the stock just like that of firearm. The design of the limb is similar to that of a compound or recurve bows and also the fundamental idea of archery shooting remains the same. A string is either pulled back manually or with windlass and is also locked in place. In a nutshell, strings remain in locked position, held firmly through any mechanical means till the energy stored in limbs is effectively released by trigger mechanism.  The energy remained in shortened limbs is just comparable to long bow but it is packed inside a smaller design that is easier to aim for. These crossbows shoot bolts or quarrels; also shoot arrows that are shorter than those used for the bows.

The kind of bows and arrows you select largely depends on your preference as well as comfort. What is vital is that your bow exactly fits the accurate draw length. This draw length is defined as the exact length of arrow that you shoot according to the length of your arm.

Summary: In the US, diverse archery styles are popular, each with rules and categories depending o the kinds of archery device you select. These include longbow archery, crossbow archery and so on.
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