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Finding The Best Basketball Hoop For Your Needs

Finding The Best Basketball Hoop For Your Needs

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Playing basketball outdoors is probably one of the best ways to relax and relieve the stress. You can do it after a long day at work or even when the night kicks in after a long hot day. Playing basketball implies spending quality time with friends and family, not to mention about staying fit, burning calories and boosting your coordination. But unless you got a basketball court near you, chances are you will find basketball hoops to be more appropriate. Choosing a residential unit can be a bit confusing. It makes no difference if you plan to practice some skills, shoot hoops to relax or play with your neighbors.

Location is everything

The location is everything. Without one, you can kiss this idea goodbye. Make sure that you have a lot of room to play in a safe manner. A driveway is an ideal place, but it is also risky and illegal. This is the type of scenario you require though – flat, large and paved. You cannot play basketball on grass. If you got a large backyard, you can just pave a decent surface, then install the hoop. Being too close to the sidewalk or the driveway may be risky if your ball goes out in the street.

Portability – any worth?

Some basketball hoops are portable, which means that they come with large round bases. These bases are often made of plastic. In other words, you can roll the unit around to other places. You can also take it if you relocate. On the other hand, an in ground system is more stable. It requires less space, but it is permanent too. A cemented installation is a must. It is aggressive, rigid and durable. It is more appropriate for those aggressive players who actually feel the game.

Never overlook the customization

Buying the right basketball hoop can be challenging, especially if you buy it online. Unless you are an avid player, you probably have no clue what you truly need in terms of height. Besides, if more family members like basketball, you obviously require different heights. At this point, an adjustable height becomes extremely flexible. You can usually go between 7 to 10 feet, but some units go far beyond this limit. The adjustment should not be too complicated, so look for a pneumatic mechanism.

Backboard sizing – does it really matter?

If you are just learning to shoot or you are shooting hoops for fun every once in a while, you do not need a backboard measuring more than 44 inches. The more advanced you are, the bigger this board should be. The same rule applies to your style. If you like aggressive games with your friends, you might go up to 60 or even 70 inches. Large backboards ensure more rebound space, hence their necessity.
In the end, it is obvious that buying a basketball hoop is not the hardest job in the world. As long as you pay attention to your necessities, there is no way to fail in making a good choice.

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