Fitness Classes To Try Out This Year

Fitness Classes To Try Out This Year

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Compared to any time of the year, the first quarter, particularly the month of January, is when people tend to get focused on their New Year’s resolution.

While these New Year’s resolutions could include almost anything under the sun, we could all agree that getting fit is usually hailed to be the topnotcher of the list. Promising one’s self that he or she will get more active and pay more attention to his/her body’s figure is easy. Going to the gym in the first few weeks of the new year is easy as well. But keeping it up is a problem when work or school starts to get busier after the holiday break.

However, a hectic schedule is not a valid excuse to skip a day without any type of fitness regimen. In this modern age where countless of fitness videos are available online in sites like You Tube, getting fit has never been easier at home. And not to mention, these videos are for free!  Gym memberships may be tempting when their prices drop, but nothing really compares to being fit for free all-year round. Below are the top three online fitness classes that you can try out this year without paying a buck:

1. Zumba

Zumba is one of the latest craze among dance enthusiasts and fitness junkies. It has gained popularity all over the world because it is easy to do and it does not limit any age bracket or physical fitness level. Amateur dancers and professionals could just gather in one place and groove to the beat for an hour or less.

The great thing about Zumba is it is a dance class that does not have moves that need to be practiced prior to dancing the entire song number. Participants just have to follow their leader in front and listen to the music for good timing and choreography. The music is also not limited to a certain genre unlike other dances. This is why women (and even men) love to dance Zumba. It is just a fun way to exercise and keep one’s mobility fired up. But the best thing about Zumba? You can do it at home through your computer.

2. Yoga

The thought of doing yoga could be intimidating for some. It seems to be a serious (mysterious, even) fitness class for many who are not so knowledgeable about it. In reality, it is a fun activity that will help one’s flexibility and endurance to be pushed further. People who do yoga do not need to be able to touch their toes or do acrobatics just yet. To be honest, those stunts are not even that much of a requirement unless you are in the advanced stage.

There are tons of beginner yoga videos online which could first familiarize interested people about the basic moves, such as the mountain and downward-facing dog poses. The person who wants to do yoga using online videos should listen carefully to the instructor to safely and properly perform the session.  Breathing in and out should also be in accordance to the manner of how the poses should be done.

3. Chair exercises

Now, who could still continue giving out excuses for not being healthy and fit? No matter how busy someone is, it is guaranteed that this person will always have an access to a sturdy chair either at home or at the office. There are hundreds of seated exercises that could still pump up one’s entire system, from the core up to the biceps. These exercises are also perfect for disabled people who are constantly in wheelchairs or who experience difficulty in standing up for a moderate period of time.

Probably one of the best and challenging workouts available in You Tube that caters to this group of people is the video done by fitness guru Tiffany Rothe. She finished a law degree but found her passion in fitness and health. Ms. Rothe design the chair exercise for her mother who is in a wheelchair so people like her could still sweat just like everybody else. The exercise does not require any equipment or weights, just a plain and sturdy chair.

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Donna Lee Jane from DearJane is a Zumba instructor and has been living a healthy and fit lifestyle all her life.


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