Forget Steroids: These Foods Boost Testosterone Naturally!

Forget Steroids: These Foods Boost Testosterone Naturally!

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Flagging testosterone levels can happen to any man. When the tank is a little low, this can lead to a number of problems, ranging from difficulty concentrating to irritability to difficulty getting and maintaining erections. If that weren’t enough, lower testosterone levels also have a negative impact on your weight training, especially in terms of building muscle mass and general endurance. The good news is that building and maintaining solid testosterone levels does not require the use of steroids. By including these foods in a balanced and nutritious diet, you’ll soon see major improvements.

Have Some Tuna

High quality tuna is known to have the right type of fats and also packs a nice helping of vitamin D. The combination does double duty, in that it helps to flush out bad cholesterol in your bloodstream and also aids in promoting testosterone production. Instead of loading the tuna with heavy products like mayonnaise, try adding some chopped onions and bell peppers and mix. Toss the combination in a dressing that you make with vinegar and olive oil. Add a little Himalayan or Celtic salt for flavor. It’ll taste great and not include anything that will clog up the arteries.

Juice Some Pomegranates

Pomegranates are rich in all sorts of antioxidants that help to get rid of toxins in the body. Some of those toxins can inhibit testosterone production, so juicing a few pomegranates will certainly promote general health and help your body get back to producing the right balance of hormones. As a bonus, the juice is refreshing, something that will also make your day a little nicer.

Snack on Some Nuts

Many types of nuts contain the type of oils that are actually good for the body. Some of them, including walnuts and Brazil nuts, will help to combat high levels of bad cholesterol. That in turn helps to ensure your blood carries adequate nutrients to every part of your body. When your body is in sync, natural testosterone production becomes all the easier.

The Need for Protein and Fiber

You already know that plenty of lean meats provide protein without running as much of a risk of raising cholesterol levels. Protein is essential in the production of energy and certainly makes an impact on the production of testosterone. Treat yourself to a helping of lean meat that is baked, broiled, or grilled each day. Avoid meats that are deep-fried, since the last thing you need is the extra calories and fat content that is part and parcel of most fried foods.

To help balance the meat, choose sides that also contain a nice dose of protein and a little extra fiber. Many types of legumes will offer this combination. Rounding out the meal, consider adding in some dark leafy vegetable like kale or collards. Both of the latter can be finely sliced and grilled right next to your lean steak.

Keep Raw Broccoli on Hand

Broccoli contains a substance that is known as indoles, and also provides some of the fiber you need to promote general health. The trace nutrients in broccoli will provide some of what you need to remain healthy. As for the indoles, that helps to rid your system of some of the bad estrogen floating around in your system. Too much estrogen will inhibit testosterone production, so lowering your estrogen will in turn make it easier for your body to produce an equitable amount of testosterone.

These are only a few examples of foods that will support your effort to achieve higher testosterone levels and increase your endurance. Along with including them in your diet, it also helps to eliminate other things that could be dragging you down. Those include bleached breads, processed sugars, and just about anything that is devoid of some nutritional value. Try this regimen for a month and you will likely notice a difference in your mood and your ability to get the most from your workouts.

Lauren Travers is a personal trainer and health writer from Tucson, Arizona. She loves to write about exercise, nutrition, drug and alcohol testing, and health.

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