How Customer Relationship Management Can Help Your Fitness Business

How Customer Relationship Management Can Help Your Fitness Business

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Running your own fitness business takes a lot of sales experience to drive clients into the gym and return consistently. New memberships are always a bonus, keeping the bottom line growing each quarter. Avoid any operational surprises by using customer relationship management software, or CRM. From managing client attendance to personal training schedules, you have your business in the palm of your hand for successful molding.

Personalized Customer Experiences

People love to be treated like a royal, giving them a personal experience that comes from the business’s heart. Make all of your clients feel great with a birthday card each year. CRM can collect all members’ birth dates and automatically send out an e-card on the corresponding days. For an old-fashioned twist, program the system to print out actual birthday cards to mail to them directly.

You can even expand on this idea by printing out flyers describing a client’s favorite workout class that is returning in the next month. When they receive the flyer, the fact that the flyer is designed specifically for them encourages attendance and membership renewal.

Smooth Out Payment Issues

No fitness business owner likes to work on collection calls. Instead, use the CRM software to avoid debt problems before they occur. Send out payment reminders through e-mail or direct mail. The system can signal employees that a credit card is about to expire. The employee can call the client before the card expires to get another one on file to streamline the payment process and avoid debt headaches.

Free Employees From Data Input

Employees that are committed to inputting payments on a consistent basis cannot help clients on the gym floor. You effectively lose workers that can make a client’s visit better by simply showing them how a machine works. CRM software allows the system to crunch payment numbers on a daily basis, freeing employees to work directly with clients to enhance the gym visit.

Integrate Personnel Training Schedules

Personal trainers typically work out of the gym, providing a percentage of their profits for access to equipment. Help your business and the trainer’s profits by using CRM software to contact clients. For example, a previous personal trainer client may have conflicting schedules, making it difficult to come to a session. E-mail the client a current weekly listing of all the open spots for personal training. With this information in hand, the client can find a good time to come in and train. Proper training organization keeps clients and employees on the same page, encouraging more visits and a level of professionalism not seen in other facilities.

Identify And Connect With Missing Contacts

Part of the fitness business is losing clients. Some do not feel comfortable in your facility, while others may not have the time to workout. Regardless of the reason, CRM software provides a clever way to evaluate clients’ needs. For instance, the system can track clients that are not visiting very often. Employees can contact them and offer discounts, along with inquiring about their absence. Understanding clients’ reasons for not returning to your gym helps you improve the overall business.

Take a look at the many CRM software packages available in the marketplace to improve your fitness business model. From personal training incentives to customer surveys, you can anticipate lows and highs in the profits to keep your gym the best one in the neighborhood.

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