How To Choose The Best Soccer Camps

How To Choose The Best Soccer Camps

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With the soccer world cup just weeks away, be rest assured that your child is going to watch lots of soccer games and get inspired to play it as well! So, if you are looking to improve your child’s soccer playing abilities and channelizing his enthusiasm for the game well; make visiting soccer camps, the next “thing to do” on your list!

Soccer Camps Help Children Develop Physically

Playing soccer offers its own set of benefits to children! Soccer involves sprinting after a soccer ball along with team members, and against players of the opponent team. It is an aerobic sport that increases the level of fitness in children; enhances the functioning, development and growth of their heart and lungs; and builds up their muscles. Soccer camps make it possible for children to learn the importance of exercise and fitness, while increasing their energy levels and their stamina.

Children Also Learn Mental and Social Skills Here

Playing soccer at camps can also help develop children’s social, emotional and mental abilities! The game involves children, and subconsciously makes it possible for them, to become better communicators, team players and more effective leaders. However, for all of this to happen, you also need to pick up the right kind of soccer camp for your child. Some pointers that can help you locate the best soccer camp for your youngster, are given below:

Decide Which Type of Soccer Camp Will Meet Your Purpose

When sending your child to a soccer camp, you may well be spoilt for choices! In fact, the options and the varieties of soccer camps can be rather mind boggling. It is important, that before enrolling your child, you are aware of the different kinds of soccer camps that exist; and the kind of training they provide. Some basic categorizations of soccer camps are-‘day camps’ and ‘residential camps’; ‘general camps’ and ‘specialized skills training camps’; ‘advanced camps and all levels camps’; and camps that are classified age-wise, timing-wise and budget-wise.

Ascertain Your Purpose behind Enrolling Your Child in a Soccer Camp

To select the right kind of soccer camp, it is very essential to first determine the purpose for which, you want to send your child to the camp. Is it because you want him/her to take a keen interest in the game; or because, you hope practicing at the camp will help him better his kicks and tackles?

Beginner’s level soccer camps introduce new and inexperienced players to the game of soccer and help them pick up the basics! Specialized skills training soccer camps, on the other hand, sharpen the techniques and maneuvers, used by children already skilled at playing the game. Similarly, it needs to be remembered, that day camps are less-intensive and less-expensive, compared to residential camps.

Quality of Soccer Camps

Another factor that needs to be considered in this respect is the quality of the soccer camp. An assessment of this can be made from several factors. The quality of coaches in a camp, their level of expertise, qualifications, skill sets and experience; and their student friendly approach, are primary amongst these. Simultaneously, it is also essential that the camp should have the required infrastructure and facilities in place, as well as a good coach to student ratio. You can easily find these out from the brochures, advertisement material, and by asking questions at soccer camps, before going in for enrollments.

The Reputation of the Soccer Camp Matters

While, ‘time’ and ‘budget’ considerations, some other factors to ponder over; what must be paid special attention to- is what people say about the soccer camp! It is more judicious to opt for soccer camps that are recommended by people who know something about the game. People like, soccer players, coaches, parents of children who have been to these camps and the children themselves who attended camp; are the ones you should consult!  Be sure, to ask more than a few people, to be able to make an accurate assessment of every soccer camp on your list.

This article was written by Gioves. J. Streig, a sports writer, who believes that soccer camps can help children improve their soccer playing skills.

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