How to Train Your Body for Swimming

How to Train Your Body for Swimming

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It is very easy to presume that dumbbells aren’t a big thing in swimming. However, it is also important to take note that while swimming strokes are the ones that matter the most, they do not comprise swimming wholly.

An adjustable dumbbell can help prepare your body and develop your muscles for swimming. Just like any other sport out there, training your core, stamina, and muscles will contribute to building up whatever physique you have beforehand for that particular sport.

Swimming is a very holistic sport. Unlike soccer or football which focuses on leg work or volleyball which capitalizes on the strength of your arms and hands, swimming needs every bit of your body.

From your arms and hands to your legs and feet, you will be using everything for almost all strokes.

It is not that hard to look for complete sets of workout routines that include all training aspects. Today, we will be talking about swimming as a sport and how body building equipment like the adjustable dumbbell can help make a difference in your preparatory workouts.

Swimming As A Sport

Most kids love swimming just for fun. Just wading in the water and making splashes, swimming is refreshing especially during the summer. However, for athletes, swimming require some rigorous training as a sport.

There are several types of strokes in swimming which have different purposes. That being said, they also require various bodily aspects. For instance, the butterfly stroke is one of the most used strokes in competitions.

This is because it makes use of your upper body to propel yourself forward.

You will see that athletes who use the butterfly stroke almost look like a dolphin. This stroke lifts up your body from the water, therefore, requiring less time to finish a lap. It allows you to cover long distances per “leap.”

Going The Extra Mile

38-year-old Michael Phelps is heralded as the most decorated Olympian of all time. He is known for his swimming records which feature 23 Olympic gold medals. But aside from his accomplishments, he is also known for his workout and diet.

As part of his preparations, Phelps claimed that he takes in an estimate of 12,000 calories a day.

This goes perfectly with his workout which is why he easily burns it off. For a swimmer like Phelps, he burns 1,000 calories an hour (especially in his competitions). With this said, his diet obviously requires rigorous training to balance everything out.

The Best Workout For You

To become a good swimmer, you do not necessarily have to copy Michael Phelps’ diet and workout. The first step is to know the capabilities and limitations of your body.

After knowing your body, finding the best food and exercise for you is what will take you there.

For the workouts, it is important that you develop your core, stamina, and strength. It is also critical to train outside the pool. For the strength, weightlifting can be a good start.

Your ligaments loosen up after repetitive motions of freestyle or whatever stroke which is why it’s important to lift.

The adjustable dumbbells can offer you so much more freedom. You can choose to buy the one with the dial or the one with movable plates. Do note that some brands are more expensive than your conventional dumbbells.

However, they will help you save space at home if you don’t feel like working out in a gym. Most importantly, it will give you control in choosing the perfect weight for you to lift.

As for core, cardio and stamina, the classic sit-ups, plank, push ups and wall squats can help you. Dryland Workouts are also necessary so don’t skip them!


Do not skip any steps. Whatever sport you’re into, you will notice that both are working out and dieting is the best. Have one less than the other, and it’s not going to be balanced anymore.

Also, there are no shortcuts. All athletes train as rigorously as possible every day. So if you are only aiming to become a good swimmer or to become like Michael Phelps, don’t take the easy way out.


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