How To Workout At Home Without Filling Your Home With Weights

How To Workout At Home Without Filling Your Home With Weights

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Training from home is ideal if you want to stick to an exercise regime, as it allows you to burn the calories and tone your muscle without having to go anywhere. In turn this will make getting over the mental barrier to actually start training that much easier, and it will help you to start more on a whim.

But the problem is that not everyone wants to fill their home with weights and exercise machines. Not only do weights take up a lot of space, but they are also ugly, noisy and even somewhat dangerous. If you have a family home, then you’re unlikely to want to fill a whole room with large metal equipment that could fall on someone or trap someone’s hand, and you’re unlikely to have the money spare to do so anyway.

Fortunately though there are many other ways to workout from home which are more family friendly, less intimidating and more affordable…

Bodyweight Training

One of the best ways to get into shape without lifting a single weight is to instead rely on lifting your own bodyweight. You can do this by doing press ups for instance, or by doing sit-ups. The problem is that these examples won’t train some of the more ‘difficult to reach’ areas of your body like your lats and your biceps, and that they aren’t very intense.

A solution then is to install a pull up bar in a doorframe or in a garden which you can use for some more intensive pull ups and chin ups. And if you want to go even further, you can invest in some railings for doing dips, plank and other exercises.

Cardio and Toning

There are plenty of great ways to get cardiovascular exercise and to tone up your muscles around the home without having to buy a big exercise machine. For instance you could use a swimming pool service to install a pool in your home, or you could get a trampoline for your garden which you could bounce on to build your core and your legs. These are great alternatives to weights because they actually add to your home and are a lot of fun to enjoy in the meantime too.
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Other Resistance

Or you could try getting creative with the way you train. As long as you are pushing against resistance of some kind, then you will be developing muscle and burning calories and there are tons of ways you can achieve this. You can use elastic resistance bands for instance and pull and push on them to build muscle, or you can try creating resistance in your own body. One way to do the latter is to try pulling against your own arm with your other arm for instance while curling, or to press your hands together in front of your chest to build pecs. There are many other methods too, it’s just a matter of getting creative and of changing your home to be more conducive to exercise.

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