Lipotropic B12 Injections
Lipotropic B12 Injections: A Multi Dimensional Approach To Weight Loss

Lipotropic B12 Injections: A Multi Dimensional Approach To Weight Loss

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While B12 Injections have gained notoriety among health and weight loss enthusiasts, lipotropic B12 injections are not as well known. Sometimes the names are used interchangeably, but for most lipotropic shots are completely unknown. It can be more than a little confusing to determine figure it all out.

Lipotropic injections are similar to regular B12 injections, but the distinction between the two can be found in the name. Let’s take a look at what Lipotropic nutrients are, what they do, and why they’re important in helping you meet your weight loss goals.

Lipotropic Nutrients

Unlike regular B12 shots, lipotropic injections contain lipotropic nutrients. These nutrients are compounds that are responsible for ensuring a healthy liver. Lipotropic compounds are amino acids that work to break down fat and help metabolize fatty acids. There are several lipotropic nutrients, but the most common are Choline, Methionine, Betaine, and Inositol.

Lipotropic Nutrients & Weight Loss

Many health and wellness experts believe that lipotropic nutrients are able to speed up the rate at which the body metabolizes fat. A more efficient metabolism results in weight loss.

Many people that struggle with their weight also have liver problems. Since your liver is a vital organ that helps process nutrients and rid the body of toxins, it is important that it is functioning properly. This is true for everyone, regardless of weight.

The Appeal of Lipotropic Injections

The more we learn about health and nutrition, the more we understand that health is not one-dimensional. In order to truly improve our health, any and all factors must be taken into account. Diet alone is not the answer. Exercise alone is not the answer. Supplementation and medication alone is not the answer.

Used alone, lipotropic injections are not going to give you a weight loss miracle. What we do now, however, is that they help improve liver functioning, which is a key component to overall health. For example, lipotropic compounds can help reduce cholesterol levels, fight depression and anxiety, and ultimately help to prevent liver disease.

Injections vs. Pills

Just as B12 shots, lipotropic injections are given preference over oral supplements. There are two primary reasons behind this logic: immediate results and increased absorption rate.

While an oral supplement requires that the body digest the pill before the nutrients within are absorbed and metabolized, a vitamin injection does not. Since injections are delivered directly into the blood stream, the benefits are immediate as opposed to hours. The digestive process required for oral supplements also reduces its efficiency, as much of the supplement’s nutritional value gets lost along the way. Vitamin injections bypass the digestive process entirely. (You can read more about lipotropic B12 injections here.)

Aside from an increased absorption and efficiency, many oral supplements contain fillers to help the vitamins survive digestion. Often, these fillers are of low quality and potentially dangerous. An injection bypasses digestion, and as a result, contains no added fillers- provided they are obtained from a reputable doctor or distributor.

Ultimately, there is no weight loss miracle. Instead, weight loss is one of many components to overall health. In order to achieve your weight loss goals it is important to consider a multi-dimensional approach that encompasses many possible paths and solutions in the quest of overall health. A healthy body operates more effieciently, so focus first on health and consider weight loss a welcome side effect.

Michele Via is a health and fitness guru that believes that health and weight loss are not mutually exclusive. She encourages people to focus on the big picture in order to meet their weight loss goals.

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