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Nike Wins Golf Award For Sports Fashion

Nike Wins Golf Award For Sports Fashion

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Nike has recently won an award, not for its equipment or the quality of its clothing – but for being the most fashionable brand within the sport of golf.

Golf has long been seen as a less than fashionable game with regards to clothing and attire. The stereotype of tartan or plaid trousers and pastel coloured polo shirts with contrasting patterns is something a lot of people may still think goes on, and there are a few golfers who do still play up to that original ideal. In the past couple of decades however, what was once an old man’s game has been embraced by so many younger players that it has become a niche market and so has the attire in which it is played.

Nike Wins Golf Fashion Award in 2013
Just recently, Nike Golf was voted by over seven hundred golfers as the most fashionable brand of attire for players. Nike has been a powerhouse of sport’s clothing and accessories for decades now and perhaps the new, more fashion-conscious designs have something to do with the rise of the game’s popularity among younger men and women. Nike itself is quoted as saying that “what you wear is a big part of how you play” – and that is probably true. When you dress well and feel comfortable it can improve confidence and have a direct effect on your game – although fashionable sports attire is not something that perhaps comes to mind first when contemplating ways of improving your game, it does seem to be a case of out with the old mixed patterns and garish colours and in with the new streamlined and fitted designs. It also appears that more thought is going into how fashion within sport can be aligned with what’s going on in the actual fashion industry.

The Rise of Sports Fashion
Satellite television and the meteoric rise of internet video streaming have made it possible for sport to be viewed in any country at any time, giving companies such as Nike and Adidas the opportunity to advertise their merchandise to a whole planet-full of potential customers. With products such as Sky+, BT Sport and online on-demand services from all major television networks being readily available, it has never been easier to tune into any sport from the mainstream to the obscure, and it seems to be designers that have tapped into this goldmine of advertising.

Sports Fashion Products
The scope of products available is enormous. In the world of golf, typical attire includes trousers and polo shirt, studded shoes and sometimes a cap. Accessories include golf bags, ball cases, and golf umbrellas which all have important parts to play in a successful game. It seems that many fashion houses are becoming interested in getting involved with designing such things. Their influence shows a more sophisticated, sleek and modern look coming to the golf course and it has been well-received by young and old players alike. Even the simplest of accessories like the golf umbrella are receiving an overhaul with designers helping combine practicality and usefulness with aesthetics and style. There are even specialist golf umbrella lines now available from online retailers such as Internet ecommerce site, Jollybrolly.

Sports and Fashion
Sports fans are now getting used to the correlation between sports like football, for instance, and fashion. With larger than life characters and headline-grabbing personal lives, footballers were perfect cannon fodder for advertising not just sports labels but also major fashion labels too. Billboards and television space was dedicated to using the names they had made through their sport to advertise mainstream fashion. Now, however, golfers seem to be making headlines too and the sport’s new chic image has awakened a desire among designers to turn the golf course into a runway.

Emma has recently started watching golf on the telly and has to admit – one of her favourite things about the sport is the fashion!

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