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Portugal home jersey for 2014 World Cup

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The national football team of Portugal presents the commemorative jersey of the centenary of the Portuguese Football Association , to debut against Cameroon in international friendly match.
The new jersey from Portugal celebrates the centenary of the Portuguese Football Federation to combine the best in innovation of performance with the powerful national symbols and details of design, creating a new look, unique and electrifying.
“We have seen how Portugal plays its football-with rhythm and energy, players offer the unexpected, and come into play in an inspiring,” says Martin Lotti, Creative Director of Nike Football.
“We wanted to create an outfit that reflected this style with an exciting and vibrant design.”
The new Portugal sweater features a new design in shades of deep red and bright red stripes at the top and on the sleeves. These lists of varying sizes create a thrilling graphics, almost brilliant, offering a sense of speed and enthusiasm. The shirt features a v-neck and cuffs, dark red with green stitching.
On both sides of the symbol of Portuguese Football Association are the years 1914 and 2014, in celebration of its centenary.
Inside the collar, along the neck, is a red and green flag with the asfera armilar to celebrate the history of maritime navigations of Portugal. The armillary sphere has been a national symbol for more than 500 years and serves as the backdrop of the Portuguese escudo in the national flag.
The name and numbers on the back of the sweater were specially created and inspired in the old fonts, used in traditional Portuguese symbology. The result is a modern source and at the same time “Art-Deco”.
Cristiano Ronaldo believes the new equipment “beautiful, simple, with details of design that respects the culture and history of Portugal”. “Sweater technology also helps to keep me dry, cool and comfortable, and prepared to give my best on the pitch,” added the captain of the national team before emphasise once again the pride you feel in representing the country: “Wear the shirt of national team gives me a real sense of pride in the fact that represent fans, family and friends. ”
The new shorts are dark red. Simple and iconic, the adjustment is thinner and fairer to the body, with a court designed specifically to help the movement and comfort.
At the rear, the Center, the shorts feature laser openings to assist the ventilation and moisture management. The new socks and jersey  arein the same dark red tint.
Revolution in ventilation and comfort
The equipment helps in performance of players to regulate body temperature throughout the game. When using a combination of technology Nike Dri-FIT, the mesh “burnout” and laser-cut ventilation openings, the designers managed to locate the points where players need more ventilation.
Nike Dri-FIT technology pulls moisture from the skin to the outside of the equipment helping an evaporation faster. Laser-cut openings for ventilation and the mesh worked in key areas where the heat generates allow more breathability and air flows through the skin.
“To manage the sweat and keep the body fresh for longer, players feel more comfortable, sweat less and play better,” says Martin Lotti, Creative Director of Nike Football.
Furthermore, to help players to keep fresh, the equipment is made with a new production of two mesh that incorporates recycled polyester and cotton to create the best in terms of moisture absorbing properties, at the same time you get a softer touch and a more stylish cut.
Environmental sustainability
In line with Nike’s commitment to ensure a superior performance with less environmental impact, the fabric of the shirt, shorts and-for the first time in a national equipment-socks is made from recycled plastic bottles (100% recycled polyester in shorts, 96% recycled in sweater and 78% in Socks).
Each equipment is made using an average of 18 plastic bottles recycled. Since 2010, Nike withdrew over 2 billion bottles of landfills, enough to cover more than 2800 football fields.
“Incorporate environmental sustainability is the key in the design and development process,” says Lotti. “Our goal is to create an outfit that is good for the players and good for the planet”.
Perfect fit
The designers used three-dimensional images of elite players to collect data about the form of the players and identify a hack updated, improving comfort and allowing the body to move more naturally in the equipment.
While watching all the elements of modern football, Nike designers also gave special attention to the socks. By combining reviews of athletes with investigation of new materials and products, the Nike Elite socks Match Fit for 2014 includes a setting specific to football. Strategically padded areas ensure comfort and protection from the toes to the ankle, where most of the impacts occur, while the support in the instep blocks it, preventing it from slipping.
The new Nike Pro baselayer is the lightest ever for Nike and features an improved ventilation and breathability. Players can choose from a variety of styles of Nike Pro baselayer.
Looking at 2014, Nike will offer a variety of jerseys Nike Pro players. This product is designed to address the range of temperatures that players will find in Brazil: high temperatures during the day, and very low temperatures in games played at night in the South of the country.
Nike baselayer shorts redesigned to 2014 from the opinions of some of the best players in the world.
“When we asked the players to talk about the kind of protection they need during a game, they showed us scars and bruises on upper rear hip area,” recalls Lotti. “Several players have shown us these same lesions, and we add more protection, taking into account, at the same time, the need for lightness and breathability”, reveals the Creative Director of Nike Football.
The result are the shorts Nike Pro Combat Slider Ultralight. Showing increased and adjusted areas of protection against abrasions in order to match the standard slide of the athletes, the shorts are also 20% lighter than previous versions and made with 87% recycled polyester.
Portugal equipment is available on the website of Nike from Tuesday and in stores from Wednesday, March 5, the day which will be premiered by the players in Portugal-Cameroon (8:45 pm, Leiria).

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