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Residential Boot Camps For Women – A Great Option For A Fitness Holiday

Residential Boot Camps For Women – A Great Option For A Fitness Holiday

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It is always a great thing to plan a getaway over the weekend, or for a whole week. Being able to forget your job, responsibilities at home and other issues is sometimes extremely important to freshen up your mind and body. So where do you start? Why not plan an exciting holiday with your girl friends?

Even if you are ready with your friends for a holiday, have you made the right plans for the vacation? Why not do something that will not only let you enjoy a great holiday with your friends but also allow you to get fitter, shed some fats and refresh your mind at the same time? Have you considered a boot camp residential UK program?

What should you expect?

How about spending a few days with your friends amidst luxury surroundings? Does the idea of working out hard and at the same time relaxing like a queen sound good enough? A typical UK boot camp for women will allow you to do both. While you need to participate in strenuous physical exercises and workouts, you get enough breaks, time for socialising and partying everyday.

The intention of boot camps for women is very simple. Such a program is designed to let you enjoy your time to the fullest while you exercise and work your way towards losing weight, shedding the flabs, rejuvenating and detoxifying your systems and refreshing your mind.

The best boot camps in UK are generally located in exquisite surroundings that offer you breath-taking views and plenty of fresh air to lighten you up. When you are a part of such a popular boot camp residential UK program, you are treated as a VIP. Enjoy the finest cuisines, luxurious rooms with the most modern amenities. All this makes a boot camp the perfect holiday plan.

Rules and restrictions

As the name might have suggested already, a boot camp is not really a completely relaxed holiday program. There are a number of rules and restrictions that you need to adhere to in such a camp. You will have to follow a timetable every day. There will be set times when you need to wake up – which is going to be quite early in the morning.

You will be required to participate in various physical activities and workouts throughout the day. Of course, there will be plenty of breaks and refreshments to keep you going through such sessions. You will also be required to stick to the meals and diet that has been set for the program. Even though the food you eat is perfectly balanced and highly nutritious, you will get to enjoy some of the most delicious food in such a program.

Your trainers and guides are generally ex-army personnel, if you are going for one of the best boot camps for women in the UK. The trainers will not only guide you through the exercises, but will also train you on what you should do once you return home to ensure you stay fit, slim and trim the healthy and natural way.

Qualified dieticians are also part of the most reliable programs. The diet plans work in tandem with the exercises and workouts, showing you the best results with weight loss and fitness. Detox diets are often part of the plans that help towards cleansing your body of the toxins that often bring our systems down.

Types of boot camps for women

Boot camps can be of various types. Some camps are designed to take you through sessions of workouts and exercises to show you quicker results with weight loss and fitness. These camps can spread just over a couple of days. Other programs can stretch over a longer period of time, and hence let you relax a bit more while you work towards getting fitter. Such programs can offer to be better for you if you are looking for a holiday where you get enough time to relax as well.

You can sign up for boot camps residential UK programs that are organised over the weekend if you cant afford to take days off from your work. Mid-week boot camps are also organised for women if you don’t want to use up the weekends. The shorter programs are generally the intensive ones where you really need to flex your muscles!

You can even participate in weeklong boot camps for women. These are often a bit more relaxed and often much more effective. These programs are of course going to be costlier than the intensive programs. So there are a number of things for you to consider before you select the program you want to be a part of.

You can also participate in customised programs that are designed to show you various results. There are bikini boot camps for women, bridal boot camps and quite a few others that are organised in the UK. Therefore it would pay to do a bit of research to understand which program would suit you the best and book yourself a place in it accordingly.

Overseas programs

If you are planning on something that offers to be a little more special, consider an overseas boot camp program with your friends. Programs like Trimmer You Boot Camp organise programs that are held at overseas venues like Spain. Overseas programs take the fitness program to the next level, allowing you to visit another country, enjoying the luxury, working towards a fitter you and at the same time enjoying the perfect holiday with your friends.

When you are looking for a good fitness retreat for yourself and your girl friends, consider a few things. First of all, make sure that the program you want to participate in enjoys enough good reviews and testimonials. Next, check the credentials of the trainers and the dieticians. A good boot camp for women will have a doctor present in the camp at all times.

Finally, find out whether the UK boot camp will offer you the usual luxury amenities, the perfect location and a grand VIP treatment to make your stay memorable and worth the money you spend on the program.

Margeis a blogger and a part time fitness consultant. She discusses residential boot camps for women in the UK and how they can be a great option for a holiday.

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