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So You Want To Be A Football Coach?

So You Want To Be A Football Coach?

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If you’re an enthusiastic football player or fan and you’d like to help others at the game, football coaching could be the perfect hobby. Football coaches motivate teams and players, helping them with tactics and strategies whilst broadening their knowledge of the game.

In order to become a coach you need to have the necessary qualifications, and also the enthusiasm and energy for inspiring and motivating your team. You’ll also need to develop great communication skills, a strong sense of empathy and the patience of a saint!

What Does Being A Coach Involve?

Being a coach involves planning activities and training sessions, as well as giving feedback and advice to players. You’ll be there on match day, monitoring performance, fitness and skills as well as developing strategies and tactics for the match at hand.

Being a coach is going to involve a lot counselling too: You’ll often be the first point of contact for a player that’s having personal problems, and often the first to notice. You’ll need to present a strong and compassionate character and keep a positive frame of mind to keep your team motivated and happy.

Learning The Ins and Outs

You don’t need to be an amazing football player to excel as a coach. Many great coaches have never played a single match. This is fairly common at all levels of most sports. You’ll need to approach coaching with a simple love for the game and a willingness to follow it at all levels, from high school through to Sunday league and professional levels.

Obviously you’re going to need to know about the basic rules and technicalities of the game in order to function as an effective coach, but it doesn’t end there: You’re going to need a strong grasp of physical education and study effective leadership techniques. If you decide to work with children’s teams, you’ll need to understand how to work with younger players to develop their skills without pushing them too far.

Gaining Experience

Most coaches start their football coaching career as an assistant. If you’re looking for a new hobby rather than a career, you could do a lot worse than coaching a children’s team. Young players can be especially rewarding to teach, and you’ll get a huge buzz from knowing you were the person that spurred them on to greater things. Be warned though: Teaching very young children can be a frustrating experience if you try too hard to turn them into champions. Young players need encouragement and a fun, safe environment. You’ll need to leave your ego at home.

Training For The Big Leagues

Once you’ve gained experience, you might find yourself working with a team whose players are destined for great things. You’ll get an enormous sense of achievement if you can develop a player’s game to the point where he’s accepted for football trials at a major professional club. When you’ve taken a struggling team and developed it to this level, you’ll realise that coaching a football team is a way of life, not just a part time hobby.

Wendy Lin is a freelance writer, wife and mother of 3 children. She is enjoying her quieter life in the countryside of the UK since moving from America.

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