Soccer World Cup 2018: Can Russia Host it successfully?

Soccer World Cup 2018: Can Russia Host it successfully?

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The next biggest tournament by FIFA will be soccer world cup 2018 that is still long to go. However, the host country for the world cup has been chosen by the FIFA committee. For that reason, this is surely being held in Russia in 2018. However, England is still trying to push the world cup to their country and having much discussion. But, we can put the matter behind because FIFA may not change the hosting venue for the world cup.

Soccer world cup 2018 Russia will surely be a good chance for the country to highlight the tradition and develop many parts of this. Like, 12 different stadiums are selected for the world cup that is being developed. Therefore, this will be a great chance to have 12 world class stadiums in Russia via the world cup. In fact, this will open the new era of Russia football federation to hold many international games in Russia as well as improve the soccer facility in the league games.

Russia has already announced the biggest budget for World Cup till now. Therefore, you guys are going to have the most expensive world cup ever in Russia that also indicates Russia is going through a better development process. Mostly, they are investing developing and re-constructing the stadiums, enhancing the capacity, developing the outside of stadium and roadway. In addition, the high class hotels are also under construction and re-decoration to attract the tourist.

For the Russian Soccer Team, the coach is optimistic to present better football to the country although Russia was out from the Qualification Round in World Cup 2014. However, this time Russia is qualified in World Cup 2018 because of being a hosted country. Still, 3 years to go and coach may be changed or not but Russian soccer lovers want good game from the players.

World cup 2018 promotional posters are highlighting 11 different venues for the tournament. This tournament will be a great tour for the tourist because they are going to visit 11 different cities during the world cup what they did not have in any other world cup tournaments. So, this is time to watch the preparations and excitements for the tournament in Russia and other parts of the world.

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