The 10 Biggest Contracts In Sports

The 10 Biggest Contracts In Sports

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It seems like all any professional athlete thinks about in modern sports is money and fame. With athletes such as Cristiano Ronaldo and formally Alex Rodriguez making just as many headlines for being extravagant as they do for the actual sport they play, with that being said here’s my list of the 10 largest professional sports contracts of all time. (*Based off of total contract value not annual salary)

10.  Joe Mauer: Catcher/1st Basemen – Minnesota Twins (MLB) – Rolling in the dough at number ten on our list is the historically good hitter Joe Mauer. The only catcher in Major League Baseball history to win three batting titles Mauer signed a contract in 2011 that will come to a grand total of 184,000,000 USD  by 2018, a number sure to make him smile.

9. Derek Jeter: Short Stop – New York Yankees (MLB) – No surprise that a member of the largest contract list plays in New York, nevertheless the starlet of New York and Major League Baseball as a hole proved himself enough early in his career to earn a contract worth a total of $189,000,000 from 2001-2010. In almost a cruel twist Jeter earns the least per game of anyone on the list making a casual $166,666.67 per game over the 10 seasons of his contract.

8. Prince Fielder: First Baseman – Texas Rangers (MLB) – The former vegetarian and big swinging first baseman at one point was gifted a  $214,000,000  contract by a generous Detroit Tigers team. However only two years and a team switch into the nine year deal signed in 2012 Fielder already looks like of of the biggest busts of all time playing no better than average for a cool 23.7 million per year.

7.Clayton Kershaw: Pitcher – L.A. Dodgers (MLB) – The lanky lefty sensation in Los Angeles is the first player on the list signing a massive contract this year. His contract running from 2014 to 2010 the shortest on the list at 7 years and brings in a modest $30,151,500 per year or $215,000,000 total.

6. Joey Votto: First Basemen – Cincinnati Reds (MLB) – Not in a stereotypically massive baseball market Votto cashed in in 2014 earning a 10 year 225,000,000 dollar contract after having another stellar season hitting the baseball. Votto also may be one of the most liked players one the list avoiding most of the stigma attached to massive contracts.

5. Albert Pujols: First Baseman – Los Angeles Angels (MLB) – Despite his punny last name Pujols will be the one laughing the entire way to the bank after inking his 10 year deal in 2012 with L.A.’s other baseball team. With a total of $240,000,000 Pujols’ contract is a staggering 56 million dollars more than the number 10 spot and we are only half way through the list!

4. Robinson Cano: Second Baseman – Seattle Mariners (MLB) – The former impact secondbaseman of Gotham Cano recently crossed the country to the tune of  his own 10 year 240,000,000 contract, and thecost of the plane ticket was likely just fine when compared to the $148,000+ per game he makes in Seattle.

3. Alex Rodriguez: Short Stop/Third Baseman – Texas Rangers and New York Yankees (MLB)- The face of baseball turned notorious steroid failure Rodriguez has is the only player on the list that deserves two spots on the list. Not only did Rodriguez sign a cheap 10 year 252 million dollar contract with the Texas Ranger but he followed that contract up with a separate 10 year $270,000,000 contract with the New York Yankees. Unfortunately for New York Rodriguez only made an impact in the first three years of his 10 year contract and currently is out of baseball.

2. Miguel Cabrera: First Baseman – Detroit Tigers (MLB) – It’s a good time to be a baseball player particularly if you play first base with this being the fourth first baseman on the list. Cabrera’s contract unlike several others on the list is completely justified as he has won the batting title the  past two seasons and was the first baseball player to win the triple crown since 1967.  Making a total of $292,000,000 over ten years Miguel Cabrera is the biggest total contract in MLB history.

1. Lionel Messi: Forward – Barcelona (La Liga – Association Football) – Believe it or not this is not a list of the richest baseball players it simply happened to work out that the first nine on the list were from the MLB. Changing the pace much like he does on the pitch is Messi blowing the competition out of the water and into the sky with his 8 year $343,000,000 million dollar contract Messi makes 650,000 dollars per game an 41.7 million + per year playing the beautiful game.

2 Notable Names Not On The List

Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid (LA Liga – Association Football) – The unintentional rival of the number one spot on the list Ronaldo does actually make more per year than Messi, however his contract length at only five years keeps his total low enough to keep him of the list.

Floyd Mayweather: Showtime (Boxing) – Rocky may no longer be the best movie in town and Boxing certainly doesn’t have the same appeal it used to, but don’t tell Mayweather that! In 2013 Mayweather signed a contract worth$ 180,000,000 leaving him just off the lost, however this contract is only for two years meaning he makes $72,000,000 per year and an absolutely astounding 30,000,000 per fight which is 46.1 times more per event than Messi.

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