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The Real Madrid Stadium Tour – The Tour Of Your Life

The Real Madrid Stadium Tour – The Tour Of Your Life

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A football fan visiting Madrid should never miss the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. If you don’t have the time, funds or the opportunity to watch a football match at the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, the next best thing is to take a stadium tour. It is one of the most exquisite football stadiums in the world.

Charges –

In this tour, which is priced at €19 for adults and €14 for children under 14 years, you get the opportunity to walk around the stadium, visit the changing rooms and checkout the historical aspects of the stadium by visiting the Trophy Rooms. You will have a great chance of visualizing for a moment that you are about to play in a major Champions League final or a World Cup final. How important this glimpse of a moment would feel like, if you are really an ardent football fan. A fan club member is entitled to a discount off the entrance price too.

What to Enjoy –

The stadium opens at 10am and continues till 7pm, Monday to Saturday with reduced hours on Sundays too. The tour is available all year around, but match days will have restricted access to the changing rooms. Ladies may be disappointed about this news since most ladies would love to see Cristiano Ronaldo’s pectorals in the changing rooms during a match day. But don’t let this restriction put your tour off. A visitor is given a free rein to walk around the stadium wherever they want to, and the Trophy Rooms are a must to see. The stadium has a lot of exhibitions which includes a tribute to the legendary Argentine player and coach Alfredo Di Stefano, who is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. You can go around the pitch and to the top of the stadium to take some great photographs, which could be savored for a lifetime. People who have ambitions of coaching at Madrid can sit down in the technical area on the benches and get a brief feeling about what it would like to be coaching at Madrid. Entering through the player’s tunnel and to the playing area will be one of the greatest moments in the life of an ardent football fan. This particular memory will stay with him for life. Every time you watch a match at this stadium, you will remember that particular moment of entering the player’s area through the tunnel.

You must visit the press rooms and visualize interviewing your friends. The club shop is another place which should not be missed during the stadium tour. This would really complete the tour of one of the greatest football stadiums in the world.

The Most Amazing Tour of Them All –

People who took the tour of Bernabéu had so many things to say about their brief stay at the stadium. Here are some of the reviews.

“Being a soccer as well as a Madrid fan, I must say that this is a truly amazing tour. The Trophy Room was the most interesting place to me. It gave the total history behind the club. My friend who accompanied me didn’t follow the game as I did, but he really enjoyed the tour, just like I did. We were there for a short time but enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“Even if your favorite team is not Real Madrid, you must not miss this opportunity of visiting the club. Once you get to the museum, you will feel the history of football throughout the tour. You will not regret taking the tour, so go for it.”

“We had the most enjoyable time in Madrid with the tour to the Bernabéu. The views of the stadium were breathtaking. We saw every part of the stadium that we wanted to see. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for any soccer fan.”

The above are some of the reviews that were given by real football fans taking the all important tour.

After the stadium tour, you should grasp the chance to see the…….

Prado Museum –

The Prado museum houses one of the largest collections of sculptures and arts in the world. Paintings by the likes of Tintoretto, Goya, El Greco, Picasso and Rubens are housed in this museum. The tickets are priced at €14, but entrance is FREE during the last couple of hours of the day.

Retiro Park a.k.a. Parque Del Retiro –

The park is situated in close proximity to the Prado Museum. It is referred to as the “Lungs of Madrid” and should be visited by anybody planning to visit the museum. Housed over 320 acres, the park is enclosed with palaces, museums, lakes, boating and beautiful gardens to walk around. There is always interesting things happening in this park. Local musicians are entertaining the crowds, stalls are available with a lot to see and do. The Museo Del Ejército is a great place in the park, which covers Spain’s military history. El Cid’s sword is displayed in this museum. The Retiro Park must not be missed by anyone who want to enjoy a day’s outing in Madrid.

Royal Palace of Madrid –

The Royal Palace of Madrid is another place which deserves the visit of anyone touring Madrid. There are over 2000 opulently decorated rooms which are oozing with luxury from a bygone era. The palace has an entrance fee of €10 for visitors, but it is totally FREE for visitors from the EU, between 3-6pm in winter and 6-8pm during summer. Don’t forget to take your passport to enjoy this privilege.

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