The ultimate accessories for a perfect snowy ski break

The ultimate accessories for a perfect snowy ski break

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October till March are the busiest winter resort months and the height of the ski season. Celebrities, families and gap year students can all be seen crossing the slopes in some of the most popular ski resorts in Europe, such as the French Alps and Austria. But before you pack your bags, it’s worth planning which ski accessories will complete your outfit and keep you comfortable and warm in the snow. Follow this simple guide to help decide which accessories to take with you on your holiday this year.


So goggles may not be viewed as the most stylish or glamorous of the ski accessories but they are definitely an essential if you want to keep your eyes protected on the slopes. Although it may be cold, don’t be fooled because the sun’s UV rays can be particularly harmful when reflected from the white snow (this is often why regular skiers suffer from sun burn). When you’re buying goggles, don’t be tempted to scrimp and buy a cheap pair from an unrecognised brand. Ski goggles are specifically designed to filter out UV rays in snowy conditions so it’s important to make the right choice. In addition, goggles include an elasticated strap around the back of the head and soft nose pads to keep the frames secure when crossing the slopes.

If goggles aren’t your thing, a good pair of wraparound sunglasses could be an alternative. Kate Moss and Paris Hilton are just a couple of the celebrities who favour sunglasses on the slopes. Choose a pair with polarized lenses to filter out the UV rays and a wraparound frame to keep them secure on your head. Sports brands such as Carrera and Adidas offer good ranges of stylish sunglasses ideal for skiing and snowboarding. If you do opt for sunglasses, ensure they are securely fitted to your head with a hat covering your eyes to keep the arms in place.


Hats have always been a skiing essential but they have recently been given a fashionable edge. From knitted bobble hats to furry deerstalkers, the varieties are vast. Plus, there’s no reason why you can find a perfect hat on the high street. Accessorize has a great range of fur hats and headbands and Urban Outfitters has a good choice of knitted bobble hats and beanies in fun fairisle prints.


Unfortunately, if you’re planning a snowy ski break, your bargain knitted gloves just won’t cut it. To keep fingers warm in the snow, a pair of specialist winter sports gloves are essential. These a waterproof exterior, adjustable wrist strap (to stop the snow getting in) and often a removable interior layer to be easily washed and dried. Quiksilver/Roxy can be relied upon for good ski gloves in a range of attractive styles. Alternatively, bargain sportswear shop, Decathlon, offers winter sportswear at a saving on the high street.

So whether you’re planning a wintry getaway or simply plan to head out sledging when the snow falls this winter, don’t forget to stock up on the essential accessories.

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