Tips for Playing Short Game Under Pressure

Tips for Playing Short Game Under Pressure

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The pressure that you are going to feel when you are playing a short game is inevitable. It might be because you are trying to prove something to people you are playing against. Perhaps you have made a bet with your buddies and it is going to cost you a few bucks if you lose. You might want to show the best beginner golf club can be used easily. The pressure that you are going to feel might mentally drain you and make you less energetic or it can make you work well. In order to turn pressure into something positive, you need to know how you can handle your nerves appropriately.

Handling your nerves is not an easy feat. You need to know how to calm them steadily until such time when you know you are ready to play. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  1. Make sure that you are prepared.

In every competition that you have to take, make sure that you are ready. It is not enough that you have practiced before competing. You need to prepare the items that you need to play your sport well. If you forget something that you need, you will feel more stressed and this can lead to more pressure.

  1. Do not do last minute changes.

You have practiced your routine over and over until you already know what to do. You cannot tell if there are some changes that will happen during the game but the things you are going to do before you start playing should be left as is. Making some changes will rattle your nerves and make you mess up. If you eat a certain meal before you play a short game, then do not change it. It will make you feel more relaxed and in control.

  1. Control your emotions.

In a lot of sports, you need to know how to suppress your emotions so that you can play better. The moment that you lose your cool, you are bound to play worse than you have ever played. Whether you are going to play a short game or a long game, you need to keep your emotions under control. Even if you are starting to feel inferior because of different reasons or if you have feel that you have lost your playing form, do not let these things get to you because it will only make you play badly.

  1. Know how to switch your playing game on and off.

There are moments when you just need to take a breather and actually disengage yourself from the game play. Even if it is just a short game, you are bound to feel pressure from playing. You cannot leave the game area while you are playing though so it would be up to you to switch your playing game off for a certain being, just enough to relax it before you can proceed again.

  1. Focus on things that can make you happy.

Instead of being angry at the way that things are going especially if the situation is not going smoothly your way, you can just focus on the things that you are thankful for. Perhaps you can be thankful for not forgetting all of your things for once. You can be thankful for the fact that you were given the help that you needed at one point during the game. Be grateful for the opportunity that you are able to play and you will immediately feel better.

  1. Remember to stay positive.

This will be hard to do especially when your hands are sweaty and the last movements that you have made did not contribute to the wellness of your game but you can always stay positive. The worst thing that is going to happen is that you would lose but you can always take the negative and let it be an inspiration for doing better things next time.

  1. You are in control.

For everything that you do, every decision that you make and every thought that you think about, you are in control of it. This means that you can control your nerves so that you can play better too. Your response to the situations that you are going to undergo will depend on you.

With these things in mind, playing short game under pressure will not be so hard to accomplish anymore.

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