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Top ten ways to make your gym business Impactful!

Top ten ways to make your gym business Impactful!

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Opening a gym in today’s market may feel like a daunting task. You’ve got the competition of national fitness club powerhouses, and the cost associated with finding a space, equipment, staff, and insurance. Hundreds of veteran gym owners wish they knew then what they know now. You don’t have to find out the hard way. Here are 6 easy ways to save you money, and your sanity, and make your gym business a hit:

Differentiate your business plan:

Instead of competing against the established powerhouses in the area, try to differentiate your niche and build your business around that. Adding or modifying classes, bringing in guest instructors, and creating special promotions keep customers engaged and interested. You may also attract new customers in the process.

Try new marketing tactics:

Try the new age marketing tools to spread the word and bring the awesomeness in. Try creating profiles on face book, instagram and twitter and share updates regularly. Blogging is also  one of the popular ways these days to connect to the audience and engage them with your gym or fitness business. Share tips, workouts, personal stories, and nutrition information. Get others to invest in providing to the community and it will create a vested interest.

Solicit Member feedback:

Members need to feel like they have the influence to feel they are truly a part of something. Every trainer should regularly encourage feedback from the members, and the trainers should actively try to incorporate it as much as possible.

Provide incentives to paying members

Offer speciality services to your members at no extra fee that won’t rack up your operating cost:

  • Offer Nutrition Counselling to all members
  • Free Fitness Evaluation and a Tailored Exercise Program upon joining, which will also help promote your trainers to the gym
  • Member Referral Discounts
  • Club-wide Weight Loss and Fitness Contests

Don’t just tell your gym patrons where their membership fees are going, show them.

Offer a free trial period

It might seem counter-productive to saving money, but to earn members you need to get people in the gym. There is no easier way to get members through the doors than offering a few days of the perfect gym experience for free.

Strengthen your Customer Service:

Customers tend to stick around if they feel welcomed and valued. Invest in good practices when it comes to customer service and you would find the difference. What you might be thinking as a brilliant plan might need some changes and that input would come from the customers who are experiencing them.

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