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UEFA Champions League 2014-2015 group stage schedule and fixtures

UEFA Champions League 2014-2015 group stage schedule and fixtures

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The ten winners in the play-off round ties  join 22 automatic entrants in the 32-team group stage. The clubs are split into eight groups of four teams, who play home and away against each of their pool opponents between September and December to decide which two teams from each section advance to the first knockout round.

The third-place finishers in each group enter the UEFA Europa League round of 32.

Group A: Club Atlético de Madrid, Juventus, Olympiacos FC, Malmö FF

Group B: Real Madrid CF, FC Basel 1893, Liverpool FC, PFC Ludogorets Razgrad

Group C: SL Benfica, FC Zenit, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, AS Monaco FC

Group D: Arsenal FC, Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray AŞ, RSC Anderlecht

Group E: FC Bayern München, Manchester City FC, PFC CSKA Moskva, AS Roma

Group F: FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, AFC Ajax, APOEL FC

Group G: Chelsea FC, FC Schalke 04, Sporting Clube de Portugal,NK Maribor

Group H: FC Porto, FC Shakhtar Donetsk, Athletic Club, FC BATE Borisov

Fixtures and schedule

16-Sep-14 – Matchday 1 Group B Liverpool Ludogrets
16-Sep-14 Group C Benfica Zenit
16-Sep-14 Group A Juventus Malmö
16-Sep-14 Group B Real FC Basel
16-Sep-14 Group C Monaco Leverkusn
16-Sep-14 Group D Dortmund Arsenal
16-Sep-14 Group A OSFP Atleti
16-Sep-14 Group D Gala Anderlcht
17-Sep-14 Group G Chelsea Schalke
17-Sep-14 Group H Porto BATE
17-Sep-14 Group E Roma CSKA
17-Sep-14 Group E Bayern M. Man City
17-Sep-14 Group F Barcelona APOEL
17-Sep-14 Group F Ajax PSG
17-Sep-14 Group G Maribor Sporting
17-Sep-14 Group H Athletic Shakhtar
30-Sep-14 – Matchday 2 Group E Man City Roma
30-Sep-14 Group G Sporting Chelsea
30-Sep-14 Group E CSKA Bayern M.
30-Sep-14 Group F PSG Barcelona
30-Sep-14 Group G Schalke Maribor
30-Sep-14 Group F APOEL Ajax
30-Sep-14 Group H Shakhtar Porto
30-Sep-14 Group H BATE Athletic
01-Oct-14 Group D Arsenal Gala
01-Oct-14 Group C Zenit Monaco
01-Oct-14 Group A Malmö OSFP
01-Oct-14 Group A Atleti Juventus
01-Oct-14 Group B FC Basel Liverpool
01-Oct-14 Group C Leverkusn Benfica
01-Oct-14 Group D Anderlcht Dortmund
01-Oct-14 Group B Ludogrets Real
21-Oct-14 – Matchday 3 Group G Chelsea Maribor
21-Oct-14 Group H Porto Athletic
21-Oct-14 Group E CSKA Man City
21-Oct-14 Group E Roma Bayern M.
21-Oct-14 Group F Barcelona Ajax
21-Oct-14 Group G Schalke Sporting
21-Oct-14 Group F APOEL PSG
21-Oct-14 Group H BATE Shakhtar
22-Oct-14 Group B Liverpool Real
22-Oct-14 Group A Atleti Malmö
22-Oct-14 Group C Leverkusn Zenit
22-Oct-14 Group C Monaco Benfica
22-Oct-14 Group D Anderlcht Arsenal
22-Oct-14 Group A OSFP Juventus
22-Oct-14 Group B Ludogrets FC Basel
22-Oct-14 Group D Gala Dortmund
04-Nov-14 – Matchday 4 Group C Benfica Monaco
04-Nov-14 Group D Arsenal Anderlcht
04-Nov-14 Group A Malmö Atleti
04-Nov-14 Group A Juventus OSFP
04-Nov-14 Group B FC Basel Ludogrets
04-Nov-14 Group B Real Liverpool
04-Nov-14 Group D Dortmund Gala
04-Nov-14 Group C Zenit Leverkusn
05-Nov-14 Group E Man City CSKA
05-Nov-14 Group G Sporting Schalke
05-Nov-14 Group E Bayern M. Roma
05-Nov-14 Group F PSG APOEL
05-Nov-14 Group F Ajax Barcelona
05-Nov-14 Group G Maribor Chelsea
05-Nov-14 Group H Athletic Porto
05-Nov-14 Group H Shakhtar BATE
25-Nov-14 – Matchday 5 Group E Man City Bayern M.
25-Nov-14 Group G Sporting Maribor
25-Nov-14 Group H BATE Porto
25-Nov-14 Group F PSG Ajax
25-Nov-14 Group G Schalke Chelsea
25-Nov-14 Group E CSKA Roma
25-Nov-14 Group F APOEL Barcelona
25-Nov-14 Group H Shakhtar Athletic
26-Nov-14 Group D Arsenal Dortmund
26-Nov-14 Group A Atleti OSFP
26-Nov-14 Group A Malmö Juventus
26-Nov-14 Group B FC Basel Real
26-Nov-14 Group C Leverkusn Monaco
26-Nov-14 Group D Anderlcht Gala
26-Nov-14 Group C Zenit Benfica
26-Nov-14 Group B Ludogrets Liverpool
09-Dec-14 – Matchday 6 Group B Liverpool FC Basel
09-Dec-14 Group C Benfica Leverkusn
09-Dec-14 Group A Juventus Atleti
09-Dec-14 Group B Real Ludogrets
09-Dec-14 Group C Monaco Zenit
09-Dec-14 Group D Dortmund Anderlcht
09-Dec-14 Group A OSFP Malmö
09-Dec-14 Group D Gala Arsenal
10-Dec-14 Group G Chelsea Sporting
10-Dec-14 Group H Porto Shakhtar
10-Dec-14 Group E Roma Man City
10-Dec-14 Group E Bayern M. CSKA
10-Dec-14 Group F Barcelona PSG
10-Dec-14 Group F Ajax APOEL
10-Dec-14 Group G Maribor Schalke
10-Dec-14 Group H Athletic BATE

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