What are the current 2013 world records for the top swimming Events

What are the current 2013 world records for the top swimming Events

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When it comes to world records for the various top swimming events, there are different holders and requirements for the men and women for each title. This is because the male and female structure provides different advantages and disadvantages to the dynamics of the competition. Some of the top swimming events include: 50 meter freestyle, 100 meter freestyle, 1500 meter freestyle, 200 meter backstroke, 200 meter breaststroke, 200 meter butterfly, and the 400 meter individual medley. There are other top swimming events; however, these are among the best. The holders for these various world records are as follows:

For the full official list go to the FINA website


In order to hold a world record you have to meet a ton of qualifying factors for your health, fitness level, you have to undergo intense training and practice, you cannot have any performance enhancing drugs in your system, and you must be determined and stop at nothing to hold the title of best in your category for swimming. The people in the table above met all of these qualifications and are now pending 2013 champions for the swimming competitions.

Swimming Categories 

Each category has a specific set of rules and regulations for the specific type of stroke that is being performed in that race. The freestyle is unique from the backstroke, and so on. When the swimmers are competing in the style of Freestyle, they are required to compete in a timed race using the stroke of their choosing. The most common stroke that is picked during freestyle is called the crawl stroke.

The backstroke is a style of swimming where the swimmers have to swim the duration of the race on his or her back. There is no flipping over or use of any other stroke during this type of race. The breaststroke is a style of swimming where the swimmer must compete the entire race on his or her chest and the torso must not rotate at all. The Butterfly is a style of swimming where the swimmer competes the entire race on his or her chest in which both arms are moved simultaneously. Finally, the individual medley is when the swimmer swims the entire competition with equal distances of four different strokes including the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. All definitions for each various type of style of swimming are outlined by FINA.

How To Hold A World Record 

When competing in a swimming competition to hold a world record, in order to be successful, one must have the drive, determination, motivation, and commitment to really see the competition through to the best of his or her ability. There are various types of strokes and styles of swimming that you are able to choose from in order to take home a title someday. It is great to have goals, and idolizing the men and women who are the best in the whole world is a great place to start! Each of these men and women worked tirelessly for many years to hold a world title, and it is truly a way of life. Set your goals high and maybe you can be the next world champion of a swimming category some day.

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