Why Is Golf So Popular In Scotland

Why Is Golf So Popular In Scotland

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If you’ve been wondering why Scots are mad about golf, here’s why!

The Birthplace of Golf

In Scotland, golf is available practically everywhere, which is a testament to the popularity of this game in its country of origin. Most towns offer a golf course which makes for a wonderful vacation for travelers who wish to travel to play golf in the very country of birth of this world famous sport. Scotland is home to centuries old golf courses that give you a sense of history when you play on such ancient grounds.

Great for Your Health

Golf is also popular in Scotland because it provides a great source of exercise. Golfers spend a lot of time walking on the courses and all this walking contributes to great cardiovascular exercise that benefits the heart and lungs. Many golfers opt to undergo some golf conditioning before they begin their regular season of play. Conditioning features exercises for the major muscle groups that are used when playing golf, as well as additional exercises that improve balance and flexibility. This is a great way to improve your game, as well as prevent injuries during the season due to strained muscles.

It’s All Inclusive!

Many Scots love golf because of its all inclusive nature as a sport. Women, men and children are all able to enjoy a good game of golf. In this way, golf becomes a great activity that the entire family can relish. A day out on the golf course gives everyone an opportunity to exercise, be outside breathing in fresh air, as well as engage in some fun and friendly competition. All players, whether they are beginners or advanced golfers are able to find something they can enjoy on the golf course. Anyone can take up golfing lessons to help improve on their game. Golf courses also offer lessons that enable players to learn more about the game, as well as increase their skills. All this goes a long way in assisting players to enjoy their favorite sport much more.

Day or Night

Another reason for golf’s popularity is the fact that the game can be played at any time during the day or in the evening. Many courses in Scotland offer play areas that are lighted. It is also possible to book tee times for twilight play, which is a pleasant time to golf in the cool of the evening. If you are a morning person and tend to feel more focused during the early hours, you may make golf course reservations for this time. There is also great flexibility when it comes to scheduling tee times. This therefore allows you to get a game in before or after work or school.

Golf is an enjoyable sport for individuals who choose to play for exercise, availability, timing or inclusiveness. This fun factor is what makes golf continue to gain in popularity in Scotland with each passing year. Go on, plan your next golfing holiday in Scotland and relish the time you spend out on the golf course.

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