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Your all-round batting gear comes best with Kookaburra

Your all-round batting gear comes best with Kookaburra

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When it comes to playing a sport such as cricket, there is no denying the importance of purchasing high quality equipment and clothing. This is necessary if you are to enjoy the sport properly and protect yourself at the same time. If you take a look at any online world cricket store, you will note that you have literally hundreds and hundreds of different products to choose from. Needless to say, there is a lot that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing, and one of the key decisions you must make is what brand of cricket gear to go for. When it comes to all-round batting gear, there is no denying that Kookaburra is one of the best.

Kookaburra sells everything you could possibly need to enjoy the sport. This includes everything from bats and batting gloves to batting pads and cricket clothing. You will be able to pick up all of the items you need from the one place, which certainly makes life a lot easier. And, when you consider the fact that this company is endorsed by the likes of AB de Villiers, Phillip Hughes and Ian Bell, it is not difficult to see why they come so highly recommended.

Kookaburra is a company with an extensive amount of experience, having been established in 1890. It is an Australian sports equipment businesses that specialises in field hockey equipment and, of course, cricket equipment. Did you know that Kookaburra actually manufactures the most widely used brand of cricket ball utilised in Test Cricket and One-Day Internationals? This shows how much of an exceptional presence the brand has in this sport.

There is no denying that, when it comes to cricket, the most vital purchase is a bat. You need to buy a cricket bat with a lot of care and consideration. After all, this can make or break your performance. If you purchase a Kookaburra bat from any world cricket store you will not be disappointed. These cricket bats are famous for their formidable sweet spots, which are owed to their superior spines and huge edges. If you take a look on the Internet you will see that people only have good things to say about Kookaburra cricket bats.

At present, Kookaburra has a great assortment of cricket lines to choose from, including the Cadejo, Instinct, Kahuna, Bubble and Verve. The Cadejo range can cater to all of your batting needs, featuring cricket bats, batting gloves and batting pads. The Cadejo bat boasts one of the most effective powerful profiles that have ever been produced by the brand. If you are looking for maximum impact, this is definitely the option for you. Featuring a red and black design, the Cadejo Bat is made from premium+ unbleached English Willow and is brand new for 2015. The Cadejo batting pads have been designed for ultimate protection, comfort and flexibility, as wider canes combine with micro-weight HDF. Finally, the Cadejo gloves, as used by Michael Carberry, provide the perfect balance between protection and comfort, made with premium calf leather and ‘max flo’ ventilation.

The Bubble range also caters to all of your batting requirements, with the Bubble Bat boasting a unique shape that is appreciated by cricketer Alex Stewart. Super Spine technology combines with Kookaburra’s Big Edge, making it the perfect choice for the power player. A larger sweet spot is assured with the Bubble bat. The gloves offer maximum protection, featuring a traditional ‘sausage’ style and made from premium sheep leather. The batting pads feature a new ‘Contour+’ knee roll, three piece knee roll and integral HDF thigh protection, which creates the ideal mix of leg guard protection and playability.

The Verve collection extends beyond bats, batting pads and gloves, with everything from cricket shoes to Adbo guards available. The Verve cricket shoes are particularly popular, as they feature strategically positioned lightweight airflow vents, to help heat and sweat stay away from the player’s foot. Jos Buttler uses the Verve bat, and it features a striking blue and yellow design, a big sweet spot, a rounded face, Super Spine, octopus grip and angled toe. The gloves are classically designed, with ‘max flo’ ventilation and made from premium calf leather. The batting pads come with a twin wing design, foam shine bolster and traditional cane roads, making them ideal for those seeking a balance between leg guard protection and playability.

The Kahuna collection is undoubtedly one of the most famous that has ever been made by Kookaburra, with Ian Bell being a massive fan. The iconic bat offers ultimate control, renown for its big edges, powerful profile and striking graphics. The gloves are ‘Test’ match players’ quality, with ‘max flo ventilation’ and super flex ‘pittards’ ‘cougar’ leather. You will struggle to find a pair of gloves offering better flexibility and protection. The batting pads are extremely popular featuring a ‘Contour+’ knee roll, integral HDF thigh protection, an HDF side wing and micro-weight rounded HDF rods.

Last but not least, we have the Instinct range, which features a full assortment of cricket products. The Instinct bat is brand new for 2015 and is already used by Darren Stevens. This bat has been carefully designed with the modern day format in mind, with the main feature undoubtedly being the lightweight pick-up. The Instinct batting gloves offer superb protection and comfort thanks to the micro-weight HDF and ergonomic design. Finally, the pads are assured to impress as well, as they boast exceptional features, ranging from the integral HDF thigh protection to micro-weight square HDF rods.

Hopefully you now have a much better understanding of the full range of cricket products that are available from Kookaburra, especially for those buying for batting purposes. With so many options, you are bound to find the perfect bat, batting gloves and batting pads for your requirements, offering ultimate performance and protection. Buying from a high quality brand, such as this one, is always recommended because you can rest assured that there is an exceptionally high chance that you are going to reap the rewards of a quality product.

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