3 Tips to Buy the Best Longboards for Yourself

3 Tips to Buy the Best Longboards for Yourself

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Longboards have become very popular in the last few years, especially dancing longboards. These are skateboards having a longer and wider body, and are used frequently for exhibition, slalom, transportation and competitive riding. All kinds of longboards have bearings, trucks, deck, wheels which are variable in size, and this can be decided by what kind of riding you wish to do with the boards. Here are 3 useful tips to help you buy the best longboards for your purpose.

Consider the type of riding

Longboards of pintail shape are perfect for riders who love to do cruising. These are usually ideal when you want to cruise on flatlands, and these can be utilized for transportation and bombing downhill. A narrow appearance is the main characteristic of Pintail longboards. These are about 48 inches long and 9 inches wide. These have trucks placed on the ends of either side. There are also semi-slanted riser pads which can fit deeper turns.

If you want to go street riding, you can face difficulties in maneuvering pintails – especially if you are an amateur. You may choose a lowrider longboard having decks made of long lasting wood laminate which are ideal for carving and pushing. Lowriders have trucks placed close to the tips for greater control and stability.

Consider the type of material

These boards can be constructed of materials like synthetic fiberglass, birch wood, carbon fiber or maple. When choosing the longboard material, you have to consider why you are riding in the first place. If you are riding for recreation, you will love boards made of natural wood which is durable in form.

Competitive or exhibition riders can choose fiberglass or carbon fiber longboards which are able to tackle fast speeds, jumps and even impacts. Adventure riders or downhill bombers can get benefits from stronger bushing and get more stability. On the hand, soft bushing can allow control for usual commuting.

Consider the length of boards

If you are a beginner in longboarding, it is ideal to go for boards which range between 40 and 55 inches in length. On the other hand, shorter boards are more efficient for street skating or downhill skating. Those with steel ball bearings are perfect if you want to ride for recreational purposes. Ceramic bearings, on the other hand, offer less friction and thermal resistance – and these are perfect for downhill riding.

You will also like to get a customized longboard, particularly in case you would want to go on competitive riding. If you are a pro, freestyle longboards are the right choices. These have optimal flexibility and can help you to perform any stunt in an easy way. Sliding and downhill longboards are not good enough to handle tricks and stunts. Even the best quality freestyle longboards are not able to satisfy the optimal speeds of downhill longboards but can offer you enough speed to offer a surge of adrenaline.

It is important to consider the above tips in order to make the best choices, and get a longboard which matches your individual preferences, budget and purpose.*

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