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4 Super Cool Gadgets to Optimize Your Run

4 Super Cool Gadgets to Optimize Your Run

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Whether running after the bus to work, chasing after the one we love or racing to get that last piece of pizza, it is obvious how big a role this little action plays in our lives. But we digress. Many see running as a great way to keep fit as you definitely don’t need to pay for a membership in order to run and can enjoy running anytime anywhere.

While you are thinking (and have a strong belief) that a pair of shoes is all you need to get a good run, then we have a few things that may just change your mind. While running has always been about exercising as well as feeling the wind in your hair (and maybe the sun on your skin), we have found several fitness gadgets that would take your running to the next level. Whether you are planning to a run on the treadmill or a cross country run, these gadgets help improve your run, from your running performance, keeping track of your fitness levels to keeping safe when on your run.

Sensoria Fitness Socks

Sensoria has always been known for its fitness clothes (that contains fitness technology which would make your workout sessions great as well as help you improve!) The Sensoria Fitness Socks are no different. These smart socks contain textile pressure sensors that would help you improve your running performance. The Sensoria Fitness Socks must be used with the Sensoria Anklet (sold separately) in order for you to view your performance results from your run and to get advice on how to improve your stride. Other than monitoring your pace, the socks can also be used to track the distance that you have run as well as counting your steps, speed and calories (all this information will be transmitted by the Sensoria Anklet to your smartphone). And yes, these socks can be machine-washed after use!

Lumenus Smart Clothing

Thinking of having a run after work but by time you get back home, it is too dark and dangerous to be running on the road? Then, give Lumenus smart clothing a try. The clothing was designed to not only look hip and stylish, but to also keep you safe while you run at night. The clothing has blinking LED lights embedded into them, which is what makes it safe for runners to wear at night. The lights will also flash left or right to signal when the runner is supposed to turn. The clothing needs to be paired and used with a smartphone. An app will be used to activate the feature and will track the user’s route based on Google mapping information.

Fitbit Charge HR

Make every beat and every movement count as you run (or walk)   with the Fitbit Charge HR. The wearable fitness gadget is made to keep track of your activities, workouts, calories burned, sleep monitor and so much more. Other than that, this slim band is also   built to keep track of your heart rate all day, even while you are asleep! You can even use the band to keep track of call notifications coming in from your phone as well as the time and date while you run on your favourite route. The only downside to this cool fitness band is that you can’t change the straps, unlike the Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Flex.

Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones

There are days when running can feel like a monotonous activity.         So why not spice it up by adding some music? Most headphones would probably work for the gym. But, there are times when the wire that links the headphones to your phone (or whatever music device you may be using) can be a hassle (especially if you are running on the road), which is where the Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones comes in. The earbuds delivery great sound for such a small system and comes with an 8-hour battery life. On top of that, the earbuds are packaged with an assortment of Comply foam tips for great sound isolation and comfort (silicone tips are also included).

So there you have it, fitness gadgets that will definitely up your game! Iprice recommends that you find out more on, not only the gadgets mentioned above, but also other gadgets that suit your fitness needs for a better run. As quoted by Sarah Condor (runner and author), “Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running”.

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