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4 Ways to Make Sports Better with Your Android

4 Ways to Make Sports Better with Your Android

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We’re always looking for ways to make our favourite sports more enjoyable, and what better way to do that than to upgrade and customise our trusty Android devices that we take everywhere? Chances are you already use your smartphone to check scores, watch highlights, and read sports-related new stories, but beyond those basics, you can have a lot more sports fun with your Android device by following the four tips below:

1. Use Sports Betting Apps

Most sports fans don’t even know there are Android betting apps out there that can replace the hassle of having to visit betting websites through a laptop or desktop PC. This is a major convenience breakthrough for anyone who enjoys sports betting because it allows you to make bets on the fly with a few taps of your phone or tablet. Pulling your phone out to check the odds and results is much easier than logging into your accounts on a conventional computer. You could be in the back of a cab making last minute adjustments to your bets instead of missing out on the action.

2. Sign up for Sports Streaming Services

In case you didn’t know, you can do more than watch highlights and check scores on your Android device, you can actually watch live streaming sports coverage from a variety of top leagues and networks. One of the most popular sports streaming apps is WatchESPN. Regardless of which sport you’re a fan of, there’s guaranteed to be an app that will help you stream the games you love. There are also channel streaming apps that let you watch major networks, and they’re definitely helpful to have in a mobile sports watching arsenal.

3. Play Games and Participate in Fantasy Leagues

Sometimes you want to control the action yourself, which is understandable. Of course, Android graphics haven’t quite caught up to the next generation visuals produced by actual game consoles, but there are still plenty of fun sports games in the Google Play Store that are worthwhile pastimes. Fantasy football games are especially popular. Taking control of a franchise and building a winning team is a strategic challenge that will give any avid sports fan countless hours of entertainment. Many people believe playing fantasy league games can also improve your ability to make more successful sports bets because it’ll teach you more about predicting the dynamics of the sport you’re simulating.

4. Set Up Sports News Alerts

Want to keep up with your favourite team’s schedule, live in-game updates, or league standings? Consider using a sports news app to set up notifications so you’ll be kept up-to-date about all the events that matter most to you. Going this route is much easier and more convenient than manually visiting websites to check separate scores and sift through news stories. A few examples of sports news apps that are worth downloading including, Yahoo Sports, BBC Sport, ESPN, Forza Football, theScore, and Team Stream.

The World of Sports in Your Pocket

In the old days of sports watching, we’d have to wait for sports news shows to come on certain channels, and if you weren’t recording you’d miss out on all the recaps. Nowadays, we have the freedom of being able to relive any sports moment and we can carry the full arena of sports entertainment with us everywhere we go. If you haven’t yet tried some of the tips above, why not give it a shot and see how much more enjoyable your experience as a sports fan becomes? If anything, you’ll at least give yourself something to do during a long train ride or a rainy day.

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