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7 Easy Tricks to Exercise in the Morning and Making It a Habit

7 Easy Tricks to Exercise in the Morning and Making It a Habit

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We all admit that it doesn’t feel good waking up earlier than 6 each morning. While starting and maintaining good and desirable habits is good for all, getting started and remaining glued to new routines may be an issue. Even the regular exercisers today say that getting to that point was cumbersome and demanding.  As much as we may love exercising, we agree that we would hate to wake up so early to do it. However, it is easy to get started on a morning routine. You just need some tips to assist you to get the consistency as well as develop the interest.  Well, we look at some tips that most experts recommend and insist can help in developing a morning workout or exercise routine.

  1. Start with one Day a Week

It may not be an easy task, developing a regular morning workout routine. Therefore, you need to start with a step.  Start with a single day in a week. For example, you can decide to work out every Tuesday morning at 6. This is essential and critical in preparing the brain and making it get wrapped up in morning exercising. It is also a way of developing an interest as well as morale and motivation.  As you do one day each week, increase it to two days, later to three, and you will find that you will get used to the routine. Surprisingly, it will be difficult for you to continue sleeping at 6. Am even if you want to sleep.  This is a step towards changing your daily habits.

  1. Prepay for your Classes

As mentioned, it is difficult to wake up so early in the morning while probably everyone else is sleeping.  But preparing for your workout classes is one way of ensuring compliance and consistency. When you remember that you have already paid for the classes and that a trainer is waiting for you, you will not continue sleeping after the alarm rings.  This is a brilliant idea compared to if you commit to do your exercises or workouts at home.

  1. Focus on What You Feel Afterwards

After exercising, you feel incredible and satisfied with your efforts. Besides, you feel better and motivated to exercise even more and better. Paying attention to the feeling that comes after you exercise is essential and can keep you moving.  You will realize that exercising is essential, critical and better than just getting enough hours of sleep.

  1. Notice How it Improves the Entire Day

Waking up in the early morning hours to work out has several advantages. Apart from ensuring that you meet fitness goals, it is vital in ensuring that you have sufficient time to have your breakfast, and make all the other preparations before you leave your house.  It is thus a method of reducing the levels of stress and anxiety.  While you exercise, you realize that most of the goals go hand in hand with having a healthy eating plan. Having a routine of exercise also ensures you have ample time to make and take a healthy breakfast meal.

  1. Tell Your Co-Workers

When you tell your co-workers about how well you are doing and how important exercising in the morning is to you, it is likely to improve your morale and motivation. At the same time, you can motivate some of them to join in the plan.

  1. Up the Ante after a Few Weeks

You can sign for more classes starting Monday all the way through to Friday. At the same time, wake up at 5.30, instead of the normal You will be surprised at how easily you can manage your time.

  1. Still Going Strong? Give Yourself a Reward

If you want to reinforce the new habit, you need to maintain motivation for yourself. This means that for any small or huge achievements, you need to reward yourself.  You can buy new sports or exercising kits after successfully exercising for two weeks or even losing some weight. This is essential in maintaining your morale as well as your consistency.

You have enough time to start changing your habits. You can easily start exercising in the morning, and you will finally get used to a routine. To do it, however, it is essential to have confidence in yourself as well as your abilities.  Instead of having your workouts at home, have a gym subscription. Once you have made it a routine to work out all morning, then you can plan on having indoor workouts.


In a nutshell, exercising in the morning may be tricky but achievable. It may seem impossible to wake up each day to exercise as other people are sleeping comfortably. However, it is a personal decision that comes after considering the benefits. It is thus essential to get started even if you will manage to wake up only in one day each week. From there, you can use the several tips to maintain consistency and finally fall into a consistent morning exercising routine.  Alter your daily lifestyle if you want to attain your goals.


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