Bets are on for the India vs. Australia Semifinal

Bets are on for the India vs. Australia Semifinal

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Everyone is talking about the cricket world cup these days. Every cricket fan is praying for his team’s win. While some simply watch the game for pure fun, others are more excited by the lucrative prospects of betting. If you too have been thinking about betting on your favorite team then this will be the right time to visit the marathonbet site (Link for online betting for non-UK customers). This game is set to be played on 26th of March and the bets are on. Let’s take a look at the strength of both the teams and see which one has a higher chance of winning.

  • Predictions:

Considered as the “God of Cricket” by cricket fans all around the world, Sachin Tendulkar, has predicted that the match will get decided in favor of the boys in blue i.e. the Indian cricket team. Right from the first game Sachin has predicted the outcome of a lot of games accurately. Considering his expertise in the game and the experience that he has from playing over 20 years, his words do hold some value. It might be a good idea to take his advice and bet on the Indian team.

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  • The strength of the Indian team:

The Indian cricket team derives its strength from its strong batting line up. The Indian batting lineup is so strong that it doesn’t actually matter much even if they lose a couple of wickets early in the game. Even the 7th guy in the batting order is capable of taking the match away from Australia. Considering the fact that Indian openers and middle order batsmen are all looking in form and in shape, there is a lot that Australia needs to worry about right now. However, the pillar of Indian batting lineup is Virat Kohli, if Australians can manage to take him down early in the game then it will certainly put a dent in the high morals of the Indians. Coming to the bowling strength, India doesn’t pack a punch. With only three seamers, India might find itself on the receiving end from the Australian batsmen.


  • The strength of the Australian team:

The Australians will be banking upon the superb captaincy of Michael Clarke. Australians have a nuclear weapon in their arsenal in the form of Maxwell who can destroy any bowling attack. Australians have a well balanced batting and bowling line up and with the clever captaincy of Clarke they might take the game away from Indians.


Both teams are arch rivals and pack enough fire power to make it to the finals, head on to marathonbet (Link for online betting for UK customers) and place your bet after due diligence.


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