Better Workout, Better Sex?

Better Workout, Better Sex?

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Staying in shape and getting in a good workout every day obviously has major benefits from a longer life and stronger immune system to an overall boost in energy. Sadly, it seems that despite all these great benefits, many people just can’t find the motivation to get up and get active. But what if I told you that a good workout could lead to great sex? Well guess what, its true! Studies have shown that hardwork in the gym really pays off in bed and who doesn’t want better sex? Keep reading to find out just what you might be missing out on if you decided to sit on the couch today instead.


For men this is an essential aspect that often determines how you can please your partner. The wonderful thing about working out is that by improving your strength you will also become more physically appealing to your significant other. Not only will you look better but you will be able to easily pick up and maneuver your lover in ways that she or he might have been dreaming of.


I don’t think this needs to be explained. Your stamina will be increased and thus you will be able to perform in the bedroom for longer durations, potentially pleasing you and your lover multiple times in a row.

Gender Difference

In so many ways, physically, men and women are totally different. Understandably this leads to the idea that perhaps they require different exercise advice in order to truly maximize sexual pleasure. Well surprisingly this isn’t so, at the end of the day cardiovascular workouts are important for both men and women. The benefits are obvious for men, increased stamina and fuller and longer lasting reactions. For women, the benefits are not as noticeable as they are for men. Still the increased flexibility gained through working out can be used to great effect while making love with your partner. On top of that, your new body image will undoubtedly increase the level of effort your partner puts into your romantic nights.

Mental Prep

Working out tends to cause our bodies to release chemicals that otherwise would stay dormant. Sex hormones get simulated by the brain and they are one of the many things that get released while working out. Some of the added benefits caused by the release of these simulated hormones include better digestion, lower blood pressure, better heart rate, and a body that’s more relaxed. This will only aid you when it’s time for that special one on one with your significant other.


Working out has been proven to give you a better life in many different ways. Sex is only one of these things and so it is no wonder that exercise is so highly recommended by almost every single member of the health community. I know the idea of getting a work out into the day can seem tough with work, friends, family, and other events clogging your schedule. Still it’s important that you figure out how to work in a mere 30 minutes of exercise into your daily regimen. Go for a jog and experience the joy of exhausted muscle that comes with a runners high.

This article was written by David Holly. A student, trainer, and fitness fanatic, David knows all about work outs and living a healthy lifestyle. He also is a professional writer for Rejuve Health Clinics, Orlando’s premier testosterone therapy center. To learn more about David, visit his Google+.

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