Black Tea: More Oxidized & Healthier?

Black Tea: More Oxidized & Healthier?

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The most popular drink in the world after water is tea. And the most popular form of tea, considering the wide variety of them, is black tea. Although late to appear on the scene-green tea had already made an appearance some centuries back, black tea has managed to grab the top spot when it comes to being the preferred beverage.

The most common kinds are the Chinese Keemun or Qimen black tea & the Assamese tea. The leaves are plucked tender & green & then subjected to refinement process after which they are fermented which gives them the black colour. This oxidization process increases the amount of antioxidants in the tea, adding to its cancer preventing property. Apart from having an excellent aroma & wonderful taste, black is known to have a host of other health benefits.

Qimen Health benefit of Black Tea in now Tea Naga Store acts as an excellent cleansing agent for the body’s toxic waste. The caffeine helps to flush out unwanted toxins & causes an increase in renal outflow. The diuretic property causes elimination of too much lactic & uric acid from the body. Detoxification of the body can also be enhanced by black tea consumption as it’s known to absorb metal sediments & alkalis which are now so often found in the food & water we consume.

The role of tea as an excellent cancer preventing beverage has been discussed more than often. Apart from that, regular tea drinkers also boast of an excellent younger looking skin & probably fewer wrinkles! So it’s high time we cut down on all the fizzy sodas & each grab a cuppa refreshing & exotic black tea instead.

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