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Connection between connected devices and better lives

Connection between connected devices and better lives

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Everything on earth that is related to our life is becoming connected through internet and making our lives simpler and better. Whole lots of data are being analysed and being used for better and smarter usage by different everyday gadgets. The day is not far when we will see every single device will remain connected to one another through internet.

In the morning Toothbrushes will ask your toilet mirror to make sure you have not forgotten to floss. Sports jerseys will have embedded chips to read possible heart failure and act instantly for urgent medical attention.

Potential of future growth of the wireless carriers

Things are no longer purely futuristic as some products are expected to come in line by the end of this year. Sony and Samsung are readying some fitness related devices that will remain connected to your smartphones and will track different activities of your day to day life. A French startup named Cityzen Sciences is coming up with a fabric that will be embedded with sensors to monitor heart-rate and other vital health signs.

FMCG giant Procter and Gamble’s Oral-B business is lining up Internet-connected toothbrushes while another French startup Kolibree also readying such toothbrushes. Though the mirror reminder is still in prototype stage, smartphone app of Oral-B does the job of reminding you to floss.

However there are challenges ahead to make the connected devices a reality. There needs to get masses, businesses and the governernemnt agencies to understand the potential of such reality and its probable positive sides. The issue of privacy and data security is still a matter of concern for realizing a connected world as like insurance companies may mine the health data to set premium on a case by case basis.

A common platform for the brands

It is not an unlikely scenerio that your TV is from Samsung, your phone is an iPhone and your refrigerator is a Sharp model. If there remains no common platform for getting connected to one another, the reality will be challenging. Moreover, the most talented computing engineers may not understand the nuances of clothing or construction. Here comes the need for cooperation among the brands for a common platform for eveone’s benefit. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, who is a key backer of Tizen project for connecting watches, cars etc. recently focused on this issue for realizing the connected world reality. It has been understood that Samsung is going to use Tizen for its new fitness watches and there will be tools who will be talking with Samsung android smart phones.

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