Emergence of Sport Tech in Technical Textile Industry

Emergence of Sport Tech in Technical Textile Industry

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This article needs to consider about the emergence of sport tech in the domains of technical textile industry. In the beginning, it must be mentioned that technical textiles have enabled production of materials that is more robust than wood, breathe like second skin, are as waterproof as rubber, while also having characteristics of eco friendliness and highly economical in nature. Technical textiles have gained major impetus in the sports arena due to major technological growth and advancement in sports and leisure industry, and these state-of-the-science developments have ushered in radical and dramatic changes in the hitherto sedate and strait-jacketed textile industry and catapulted it into high tech and innovative sports tech department.

The ground rules of sports have indeed changed in recent decades and sports now demands the maximum in terms of performance from apparel, accessories and sports clothing. Competition in sport textiles is indeed high and demanding which obviously brings out the best from each kind of sports goods and gears, clothing included. Not only in terms of looks, styling and performance does sports tech need to compete, it is also necessary to be highly functional, utilitarian and having wearing comfort that draws forth the best of clothing performance, style and utility value Textiles are now being increasingly used in areas of material technology, equipment design, biomechanics and engineering facets of sports machinery, equipment surface treatments, sportswear, sports footwear, artificial turfs, sleeping bags and parachute fabrics.

High technological inputs in sports clothing industry has not only added new vistas of market diversification and new, virgin geographical markets, hitherto untapped, but has also elevated textiles to new heights of hi-tech business. Indeed, performance requirements of several sports goods now require widely diverse properties of constituent fabrics, which need to shield wearers from the adverse impacts of rains, snow, colds, heat and strengths. Besides, it is also necessary for such attire to be stylish, fit comfortably and easily and also facilitate ease of movements and be of robust and strong construction to weather major battering. Indeed, the changeover from conventional  fabrics to sophisticated yarns, fibers and unconventional and even innovative fabric materials has been ushered in due to the winds of change that have swept this industry and also demands for newer technology to meet phenomenal changes in demands ‘in terms of performance, comfort zones, style and easy of movements. Indeed some of the major areas in which breathtaking technology has come about are in the innate characteristics of fabrics to conduct moisture transporting properties, waterproofing, ‘breathable’ fabrics and active sportswear textiles.

One of the major areas in which successful and major breakthroughs have been established are moisture management and internal cooling of human body while indulging in strenuous and prolonged physical activities and mental endeavors. This is achieved through effecting changes in the fiber polymer chemistry and use of chemical treatment such as enzymatic, or alkali treatment and enforcement of sensory perception technology in the domains of Technical Textile Industry. Use of fiber mixes and blends and structural changes in core fabric does add to residual longer life and greater performance over time.

The main idea of institutionalization of state-of-the –science fabric changes is indeed to create, develop and sustain waterproof, breathable and active sportswear textiles that have specified characteristics in terms of being weather proof, moisture protective and successfully implement major characteristics for which they have been manufactured in the first place.

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