Finally, just launched (beta) for fitness and sports Enthusiasts

Finally, just launched (beta) for fitness and sports Enthusiasts

Kouami Sessou . Posted in LifeStylE, Tech 1 Comment is for Sports and Physical Activity Enthusiasts who are looking to share their experiences, talents, and achievements. They just don’t brag but applaud others too. The site provides a safe and positive environment for physical activity enthusiasts. It’s about showing up, trying, and progressing. Braggers on practice, learn from and applaud each other.

It’s not about Friends and Family; it’s About You and your Passion
BragOut provides a place where you’ll only see content that relates to your passion. You’ll only be connected with people who share your passion. This site isn’t about connecting everyone in the world to one another, it’s about connecting people who actually have something tangible in common. It’s about forming new alliances, new rivalries, finding new mentors and new recruits. It’s a place where you can establish your expertise in the eyes of a relevant audiences. So, it is clutter and noise free.

It’s Not your Parents’ Social Media; You’ve already got an online space to connect with friends and family. But where do you go to connect with people who share your interests? When you start looking for that, you’re likely to hit a wall. That’s why BragOut is here to give enthusiasts a place to share the things that matter to them. It’s a community built on interests, and it’s set to fill a huge gap in social media.

Your experience on the site would be tailored to your true passion or interests. No more reading stories that don’t interest you or receiving ads that you have no interest in. Don’t we all just want a platform like this? A site that’s all about you. You can also set goals and have others encourage you or push you to reach those goals. Do you want to mentor others by helping them reach their goals? You can on the site and we encourage you to. Recruiters can also use the free site to find real talents. How about competing for fun? You can now upload your data and compare with others around the world. This is truly a fun site and we want it to be all about Athletes, Physical Activity and Sports enthusiasts like yourself.

Come join Enthusiasts like yourself. Find out why is the new best thing in the social media world.

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