Football – No Where to Hide! The Wonderful Facts

Football – No Where to Hide! The Wonderful Facts

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Football is indeed an exciting and thrill-filled game to watch, but is a see-saw battle of nerves and high adrenaline for players and clubs, almost a war like situation that demands the maximum from body, mind, soul and nerves. It is demanding and taxing for players, indeed an emotional catharsis, heaven filled estasy for the winners and deep and abiding agony for the runners-up.

While most people think of football is a physical game, this author is of the unwavering opinion that football is played in the mind and nerves of players. There are many other factors to football besides muscles like technique, tactics, leadership, team play and keeping one’s cool under 100% high pressure conditions. There are two main factors in football- mindset and psychologically overcoming your opponent team, besides knowing and exploiting their weaknesses and playing to a game plan and not to the gallery. An important, yet oft neglected aspect of football is also the quality and standards of coaching, how good the coach is and can he deliver for his boys through creation and sustenance of right playing and delivery environment, player relationships, both professional (on the playing field) and off the field. These two aspects underpin performance and achievements since football is essentially a team game that teaches the values of honor, commitment, fair play and above all, tolerance

Indeed this author is prone to think that the environment that the coach creates and sustains, including tactics according to the state and dynamics of the game, providing strategic tactics under huge pressure, internal and external and  offer supreme self confidence, winning spirits, commitment and intelligence are important considerations. I have mentioned my deep views about football on several football review magazine and in the sports related essay writing classifieds review sources as well.

While killer instincts in footballers are well known, these need to be tempered with intelligence, good judgment and playing to the demands of the game. While oppositions may be strong, there are ways to breach their defense citadel and score, and for this each constituent needs to form part of a larger playing fabric network and member of the team.

Indeed the psychological side of football is as important and critical for success as the physical one, and coaches need to look for new and innovative means to gain player improvements. Every game should be played according to a given game plan, which considers all aspects of the playing conditions, strengths and weaknesses of the opposite team, how to tackle each challenge posed by them and finally, how to taste and sustain success over the long term. The coach should be a person who has tasted and relished highest degree of success and his positive, enthusing and winning ways must be infected on the players too in order to pass on success to them too.

The greatest challenge of football is in the mind and this must indeed be supple, strong and powerful enough to ward off and not succumb to strong attacks and invasions during game. The game should be played with clockwork precision and leave the opposition with, not even the faintest clue, on how to stage counterattacks for a possible and probable win.

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