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Going strong sports

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According to Bleacher Report, the state of Georgia ranked fourth among College Football’s “Top States to Recruit” for the 2014 class on National Signing Day. 2015’s class appears to stay that course; already in this short recruiting cycle, the state of Georgia boasts a South Eastern Conference leading 14 recruits already committed amongst the conference’s 12 schools. In addition to the recent success in college football recruiting, Georgia has be a stable for College Football and NFL talent for years. One major factor in Georgia’s talent pool, is the success and development of players at an early age, due to the number of youth football leagues in the state.

Since 2007, outside of Texas, no other state in the country has prioritized Youth Football like Georgia. The state’s premiere county, Gwinnett, leads the way with top tier talent, and eventual top Recruits and NFL picks. With so many talented youngsters participating, safety has become a HUGE priority. Players need proper equipment, and Going Strong Sports has that equipment. From helmets, to socks, Going Strong Sports provides the best players the best opportunity to be effective and safe. “I take it upon myself to make sure that my company does proper fittings for each piece of equipment, on each child (player) that purchases our equipment,” said Shamus Goss, Founder & CEO of Going Strong Sports LLC.

In addition to the fittings, Goss has honored his diligent concern for player safety by providing top-notch football equipment; as needed by his customers. Top of the line Helmets like Xenith and Schutt, Shockdoctor mouth-guards, along with the Schutt, Rawlings, and Adams Shoulder pads can all be found at Going Strong. “We try and provide top-of-the-line equipment; parents want to know that their children are put in the best possible position to succeed,” says Goss. “ Success not only means quality, but affordable quality.”

Going Strong Sports provides player packages that are not only cost efficient, but guaranteed to give youth athletes a chance to succeed on the field of play. The old cliché that says “When you look good, you play good,” is epitomized by services provided by Going Strong Sports. Whether it’s on the field for game day, or simply 7-On-7, Going Strong Sports provides the tools, equipment, and style to keep your youth football player, Going Strong.

  • “Xenith is the future. It is so much more convenient and safer for my kids.” – Snoop Dogg – Artist/Entertainer and Founder of the Snoop Youth Football League. Read more about Xenith’s partnership with the Snoop Youth Football League at
  • “I’ve been a part of the Head and Concussions Summit the past few years, and the Xenith helmet is far superior to the rest of the helmets I’ve seen in the league.” – Marcellus Wiley, Former NFL player, Pro-Bowler and current ESPN Analyst
  • “My experience with the Xenith X2 helmet is like a tailored suit on your head … us athletes, we like to have things that fit right and when I put the helmet on it was like a match made in heaven. I had the best year of my career in the Xenith X2 helmet.” – Ray Rice, All-Pro Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

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