Hey Batter Batter, Swing, Batter! It’s Almost Time For Baseball Season!

Hey Batter Batter, Swing, Batter! It’s Almost Time For Baseball Season!

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Winter is (hopefully) coming to an end, which means that baseball season is just around the corner. Baseball fans everywhere are impatiently waiting for the weather to turn nicer and for their favorite teams to hit the field.

Unfortunately, there is still some time between now and the first pitch of the season, and many fans are wondering what exactly they can do to curb their baseball anxiety. If you are impatiently waiting for baseball season to arrive, the following are five things you can do in the meantime.

1. Learn about your favorite team.

Every baseball team makes changes in the offseason, and you can use this time to start following your favorite team more closely and learn about their recent changes. You can learn about new players they recruited and research their history and statistics. You can also research any office changes your team made, such as hiring a new coach or a new general manager. Like the players, you can do your research on these individuals to learn more about what they can bring to your team.

2. Learn about your favorite players.

During the offseason, you can do some research on your favorite players. You can research your favorite players that are currently playing, or you can even do some research on favorite players from the past. Use the offseason to read websites, books, articles and interviews with the players you’ve loved over the years to learn more about their baseball careers and even their personal lives. This can help pass the time until your favorite team takes the field.

3. Stay ahead of all baseball news.

There are plenty of places for you to find news about all things baseball. Even if you’re not trying to follow the news for a specific team, you can certainly get your baseball fill by staying ahead of league news. You can visit websites like, you can watch baseball television networks, you can use baseball-related apps, and you can even listen to baseball radio. This way, you’ll be able to get your baseball fix no matter what time of year it is.

4. Watch your favorite baseball movies.

A great way to get your baseball fix during the offseason is to watch your favorite baseball movies. You can watch entertaining baseball movies, such as Field of Dreams, or you can watch movies based on true stories, such as Eight Men Out or Moneyball. There has been plenty of baseball movies created throughout the years that you could easily pass the time waiting for baseball season by having movie marathons.

5. Plan your fantasy baseball team.

Fantasy baseball is extremely popular, and people everywhere are always trying to draft the best possible team to be the winner of their league. Depending on your fantasy baseball league, the winner could walk away with a significant amount of money or a very enticing winning. During the offseason, you can do your research on baseball players, standings and statistics in order to build the strongest fantasy baseball team possible. This way, you will have a major advantage when your league’s draft occurs.

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