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How Every Trainer Can Use Soccer Parties As A Way To Train Their Students

How Every Trainer Can Use Soccer Parties As A Way To Train Their Students

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The best way to get good at something is with lots of practice. This is especially important in sports. In some sports, this practice can take place independently as the sportsperson usually does these types of sports on their own so any social interaction around these sports are a bonus.

Team sports like Soccer and Rugby, for example, require practice in a group, with your team perhaps. Unlike sports that are played individually, team sports usually involve a heavy element of competition where the pressure not to make a mistake is considerably higher than single sports. If a runner, for example, loses a race it is very embarrassing and they will probably be very disappointed and self-critical. However, if a team lose a football match because one player made a mistake, the team can be highly critical and may even shun that person.

Hard Training

In the highly competitive sporting Galaxy of Soccer, the way to minimise loss is with very intensive and skill specific training sessions. These are usually hard, full of adrenaline and can result in arguments as all the players and the coaches are ‘pumped’. The way around this is to alternate the training sessions and include interesting soccer games or even lighter sessions in the lead up to a game.

Social Training Session Ideas

A soccer team needs to play as a team and sometimes being able to laugh and joke about something can bond them better and make the individuals more confident than ten hard training sessions.


This game fun training drill has the team in a circle, they need to head or volley the ball to each other. If a player is unable to keep the ball in the air and it falls to the ground, they need to go down on one knee (P), a second time and it is both knees (PI) and if he misses this, he gets the G and has to go in the middle, he now becomes the PIGgy in the middle and has the job of distracting the other players. If a piggy causes another player to become a piggy, they swap places.

Soccer Parties

Soccer Parties are not just good for birthday parties and special occasions. The types of activities that these centres put on can be a brilliant team distraction and even contain valuable training lessons. The smaller pitches and trained staff will not only have inventive games but teams can play shorter 5-a-side games against each other which is a great way to home competition skills and blow off stream.


In the universe of team sports, the galaxy of soccer is rife with players who can be both brilliant and stupid at the same time. To remind students that soccer is a game, and a fun game at that, trading in a hard training session for a light hearted one or a trip to a sports centre for a soccer party will keep it fun for the students.

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Candice Hubbard

Candice Hubbard is a Soccer Coach for Galaxy Soccer Centre. She teaches an under 14 squad and supervises soccer parties on the weekend. She started putting her squad through soccer party training four years ago and says they get much better as a team after these sessions.

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