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How to learn to play golf quickly and easily

How to learn to play golf quickly and easily

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Golf has been one of the greatest games for gentlemen for a long time. During its formation period and until our days this sport has been and still remains the prerogative of high society representatives in many countries. Golf includes certain rules and regulations, such as: neat appearance, good manners and courtesy of player. Every person who wants to learn how to play it should remember these rules.

So many people throughout the world can play golf that you find yourself wondering what this game is? In simplified form, this game looks like hitting the ball with the aim to get into a few small holes. At first, it may seem very simple, but actually it is not so. There are many rules and principles in golf, which the player must follow. There are also many techniques that can make the ball go where you want. In order to overcome many obstacles encountered on the way, you must also show remarkable creativity and ingenuity.

It is quite easy to learn to play golf. Participants can be of different skills and training level and the judge is not needed as before entering the golf course each player receives a special card for the blows accounting and result determination. Before you start learning to play golf, you need to buy golf club. But first visit a few test training sessions, decide if it is your type of sport and only then buy equipment and professional outfit. Note that experts recommend golf beginners not to spend money on items from well-known manufacturers. If you purchase an expensive club, but can’t play golf, it can be understood as bad taste by experienced players. It is required to pay special attention to footwear for golf choosing as it should not spoil the lawn. Some people play in regular sports sneakers with flat soles, but you can buy special shoes with soft spikes. They are sold in specialized salons or online stores. As it was mentioned before, golf is a simple game: you need to go through 18 holes. It is possible to make a fixed number of flows in each hole. When it is allowed to make three blows – it is called the minimum PAR, when it is allowed to make five blows – maximum PAR. It should be noted that there are only fields with PAR 3, PAR 4 and PAR 5, there are no fields with PAR 2 and PAR 6 on golf course. As usual, a player passes 18 holes player making 72 blows. For example, you have to go the fourth hole PAR 5 making five blows. If you can do this in one blow, then you make Hole in One and enter your card number 1. If you passed this hole making two blows you make Double Eagle, and enter number 2 in your card and so on if it is allowed. It is usually allowed to make up to 10 blows. When you failed to pass any of 18 holes in ten blows, then you are out of the game. Once completed all 18 holes than your earned points are summarized. Winner in golf is the one who scored the fewest points on the course.

Have you ever thought about how Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and other professional players can completely control their balls? The answer is simple – they have perfected all aspects of the game. Golf is very technical game, so you have to practice a variety of technical moves.

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  • Shaylin Riya


    Luckily our weather is still pretty nice and we played golf today. I’m still doing all those great exercises and they’ve helped a lot. I’ve been working on a better follow through, so I’m not hitting it to the right so much. The exercises have helped me with turning all the way through. If you are golf player look in to the website for good tips



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