How To Recognize A Bad Personal Trainer

How To Recognize A Bad Personal Trainer

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Not all personal trainers are equally good, and people more or less know that almost anybody can be called a personal trainer. Here’s how you can assess if your personal trainer is good, average or maybe he needs a job change.

If you aren’t interested in fitness that much, you can simply judge if a trainer is good or bad in the nuances. Because of that we will give you the five greatest and most obvious signs that a personal trainer is no good. If your trainer does one of these things, you can overlook it, but if he does all five, it’s time for a change.

He doesn’t make notes

A big, probably the biggest part of a trainer’s job is thinking of a program that will help you accomplish your goals. But one thing is sure, if your trainer doesn’t take notes during training, he can’t know if the program functions. And we don’t think just about the number of reps – a good trainer constantly writes down information, which exercises you did, what weights you lifted, the number of series, the pace. Based on this information he concludes what is best for you.

He doesn’t look right

In the fitness industry, looks are important. Of course, he doesn’t have to have chiseled abs or muscles like a bodybuilder. But he shouldn’t look like a fat bum either, something on him must show that he is a master of his trade.

He talks a lot

You want a trainer that will be nice to you, but still, he is there to make you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective way, not to chitchat about last night’s game. Research has shown that if your mind is busy with other things your muscles will be too.

No pain no gain

Your trainer will help you achieve more than you can by yourself. He pushes you safely outside your comfort zone and causes your muscles to work in a new and more effective way. But, if he pushes you beyond your limit every training session, be careful. This type of training, that makes you puke and faint, is not only not effective, but dangerous as well. From these trainings you will not only lose your desire for fitness, but you will probably hurt yourself. He also need to introduce some new interesting activities in intention to avoid exercise monotony. Your body uses pain to tell you when to stop. Muscle inflammation is desirable, but not the one that will make you stay in your bed three days.

He doesn’t test you at the beginning

Wouldn’t it be weird if you car mechanic starts to poke things under your hood, before asking you what is wrong? The same goes with personal trainers. A good trainer treats your body like a machine. He assesses your build, weaknesses and strengths. The results give him an idea in what kind of shape you are, and based on that he puts together your training program. The assessment should be redone every four to eight weeks, so you are convinced of your progress.

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