Interesting Facts About African Mango As A Weight Loss Supplement

Interesting Facts About African Mango As A Weight Loss Supplement

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One of the major concerns with individuals these days is losing weight and more importantly staying in that shape. Keeping this in mind many have benefitted by harnessing on this human want to look perfect. Today the weight-loss industry is a multi-million dollar establishment and thriving, mostly because today it’s all about the show. People are obsessed about having that perfect model-like figure that works as a boon for the industry. Though there are tons of varieties in options when it comes to adopting a way to reduce weight (each with their own unique compositions and star ingredients) the latest head-turner among all of these has been the African Mango. This humble fruit which was nondescript until a couple of years ago has aggressively given its competitors a run for their money and the trend is catching on even today.

Origin of African Mango

African Mango also known as Wild Mango or Bush Mango and scientifically known as Irvingia gabonesis, is originally found in tropical rain forests around the West African coast. Natives of this area have used this fruit for its tremendous medicinal qualities mostly due its seed which is edible and boosts health. The pulp is not of much medicinal use mainly because it contains sugar. It has been used over the centuries in Cameroonian cooking and also in most parts of Nigeria where people characteristically have been noticed to have slim builds and better heart health. It came to limelight on the international stage when several African Mango supplements were introduced into the market as weight-loss supplements, and as a chain reaction of the wonderfully effective results that were got from using it the fruit became famous across countries!

How does it work?

  • The seed of the African Mango (also known as Dikka nut) has innumerable weight loss and medicinal properties.
  • The seed stimulates a specific hormone in our body call Leptin which brings down appetite to moderate levels.
  • Weight loss supplement are formulated using the direct extract obtained from these seeds.
  • On consuming these weight loss supplements, the seed extracts boosts the metabolism in the body and consequently beneficial enzymes are delivered directly into the system.
  • Therefore, you get maximum results while using this remarkable formula. Moreover, this weight loss supplement is completely natural. Thus, it helps you lose weight in an extremely healthy and safe way.


  • First and foremost it is a natural remedy.
  • Provides weight loss solution in alarmingly short periods of time.
  • The fibre of the African Mango is soluble and this content helps in slowing down digestion as well as the absorption of dietary sugar.
  • The fibre is effective in binding itself to bile acids in the gut thus helping it in carrying it out of the body, forcing the system to convert additional cholesterol into bile acids hence helping with keeping down cholesterol levels.
  • Increases metabolism which prevent quick fat accumulation.
  • Increases fat oxidation.
  • Fights fatigue.
  • It is cheap as compared to other methods of weight loss.
  • Reduces incidence of cardio-vascular disease.

Though the African Mango plus has made its mark on the weight-loss industry as a major star ingredient for pills and soluble with its many health-beneficiary attractions yet it is still too early to tell whether its claim to fame is just temporary or for the long run.

Spain Brett writes on weight loss and health issues in general. His Blog is focused on using African Mango as a supplement to not only help you lose weight, but at the same time fight fatigue and feel vibrant and energized.

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